Jamie and Anne-Camille posted some of the shots they took on their blogs.

So, obviously I am going to post them here too.  I really just want to gush over the talents of all of these amazing ladies.

Seriously, if you are anywhere near Arkansas, or perhaps are planning a vacation, go spend a day with either one of these fabulous girls!

Then you can fill up your blog with their awesomeness.

I actually let my stain OCD go and let the girls jump in puddles.  
You know what?  
It was worth every single penny that I am giving my dry cleaner.  
Every penny.
(You can find pettiskirts like these here.) 

Lulu's eyes kill me in this one!!!

I love my family.  
I hate high heels.  
Can't even see them because my jeans are too long.  
Should have just stuck with my trusty flip flops.  
Fashion is overrated.

I know that in a matter of weeks I won't even remember Janey being this small.  
I am so glad it was captured for when I forget.


  1. Gorgeous! Such a group of cuties!

  2. UNBELEIVABLE!!! Why are they in AK!!!!!

  3. All of these photos are AMAZING! My husband is into photography and he was also in AWE! What a special day. I know it was a little sad, but you had JOY. The JOY of Jesus. Our pastor talked about that at church this Sunday. To find the joy of Jesus even through the hard times.

    P.S. Are you serious about the casserole carrier? Because I have fabric to make another. If you REALLY want this one, I'll list it tomorrow. I hope the price is not too high. It is hard with these fabrics and the insulating material to keep costs down!

  4. Amazing pictures. What a lovely way to chronicle this perfect time in your life.

  5. are you kidding?! i love these pictures! thanks for sharing them. too bad we are all the way in va!
    i'm so glad you have such a beautiful collection

  6. Never...those are just gorgeous pictures!!

  7. So beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, and any other adjective meaning totally awesome!

  8. These picture are amazing! Where are these taken? Email me the phone number for the photog. You look hot for a new mom, girl.

  9. oh my gosh these are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved looking at all of them, keep posting them!! what a wonderful experience! the pictures brought tears to my eyes. what a beautiful family! how are you going to choose which ones to order? i would order ALL of them!!!

  10. you are just too sweet julie. thanks so much and i had such a great time photographing your sweet family.

  11. These pictures (and the ones below) are some of the neatest pictures I have ever laid eyes on. Unbeleivable!!!

  12. I'm never tired of looking at you guys! Love visiting your blog and getting a dose of you and all the goodness.
    lots of love,

  13. I love your photos!! Such a wonderfully cute family! I wanted to say hi (b/c I hate blog stalkers who never reveal themselves) but mostly b/c I wanted to get my daughter a cute shirt like your girls with her initial. Did you make them? Thanks!! They are soooo cute!!