thank you.

for the prayers.
the notes.
the phone calls.
the flowers.
the love.
the shared tears.
today was beautiful,
meaningful and special.
the amazing drewB held a photography workshop
and graciously shot our family.

the girls jumped in puddles,
smiled for candy,
sent balloons to heaven,
and janey slept through the whole thing.

i couldn't think of a better way to spend the day.


  1. thinking of you today and loving all your girls! sounds like a wonderful special day! so glad it was a good day today!! we can't wait to celebrate your newest tomorrow!! xoxoxo!!

  2. That is SO fantastic! What a memorable time!!

    Hey!! I sponsored that event today with some of my camera strap covers... did you see them? :) I am sure you were too busy.

    Look at those little girls! How ADORABLE! I am sure Joy was smiling down from heaven.

  3. Hooray! Could your girls be any more adorable in those skirts? When I have kids, I am going to begging you tips on where to buy all of these cute things!

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  5. I just read about the post that you shared about Joy...Now I am crying...I don't know how you felt but I can tell you my Mom went through the same thing...she has told me about it...only difference is she never was able to conceive any children full term so my parents adopted all 3 children. I know that your Joy and my Mom's children may have not made it on this earth but they are helping bring all the other little babies into this world...I am sure Joy was watching over her sisters while you carried them...they truely are angels...thank you for sharing your story and now I know your name is Julie.


  6. Looks like that will be an amazing shot of the girls.
    And what a great thing to do in remembrance of Joy.

    I shed tears reading the previous post...
    it makes my heart hurt for you reading of your painful loss.

  7. Thinking of you and Joy today Julie. I have wondered many times today how our angels are celebrating Joy's heavenly birthday and the day she went to visit the Lord. I have tears just imagining what heaven must be like for our little ones. One day we will all be together and no more tears will be shed. I look forward to that day!

  8. Those photos are AMAZING! The letters spelling out 'JOY'- brilliant! Thanks for sharing such a special day.

  9. Beautiful pictures of such a loving family! You were in my thoughts and prayers yesterday.

  10. I am so glad you had such a wonderful day!! The girls looked darling!! I cannot wait to see more!!

    What a special way to remember and celebrate Joy.

  11. That is awesome! What a nice way to spend the day in honor of Joy. Thank you for sharing your story. The girls look adorable.

  12. who are all the photographers?? Coolest picture!

  13. What a precious way to spend today. Thinking about you.

  14. beautiful.
    so perfect.

    i don't think we ever get over that the loss of a years or ten or twenty. they are always missed.
    thank you for sharing openly julie.

  15. I just LOVED your family.

    Thank you so much for letting us ALL photograph you. Amazing!!!

    Also- do you sell those headbands?