Back in Spring I got a little crazy with swaps.  

I adore them, but I had to force myself to take a little break.

Well, that break is over, because a girl can never have too many purses.

Suzee over at The Anderson Clan is hosting an Amy Butler Bag swap and wouldn't you know it?  I have some Amy fabric that I have been dying to use.  So hop on over to her blog and sign up by the end of the month.  Who knows?  Maybe we will be partners.


  1. Julie...You absolutely made my day with your comments! :) Thank you so much for your kind words! I LOVE your blog and all your projects. You're such a great writer and I really enjoyed reading your last post with all the fun tidbits of info. I'm amazed that you're keeping up with your blog (and reading others) with a newborn! I need some of your super powers b/c I'm pulling an all nighter getting everything ready for a MOPS meeting in the morning. It will be fun, but lots of prep work needed to make the craft go smoothly...teaching 50 or so women how to do fabric appliques in the morning. Hope it goes well! :)

  2. I just realized that I never sent you my new address for the purse giveaway last year. My email is mcstord at msn dot com. I also realize you are kind of busy with the new babe (who is precious) so I am still in no hurry!