I have a friend who is a math teacher and thus passionate about numbers.
According to her strange theories there are ugly numbers and pretty numbers.
She convinced her OB to schedule her c-section on a Saturday so her daughter's birthday would be 06/07/08.  Seriously.

She thinks 11 is an ugly number.

I am not a math teacher, and I happen to love 11.
Because it is my birthday.
It is also exactly two weeks from Christmas.

So in honor of number 11...

hooray for

For leaving the 11th comment.

Email me your addy QUICK!
I am finding it really, really hard to resist the Candy Cane Jo-jo's.

Thanks to all of you for sending your sweet birthday wishes.
I had an amazing day.
Lots of love, presents, and chocolate.
I love birthdays!


  1. Thanks!!! I'm so excited! Thanks again!

  2. I was born on the 11th, too (in April) so I've always been partial to that number.

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  4. your friend cracks me up..I am also a math teacher & have a thing about numbers & I think some numbers are ugly also...I was induced with my 1st daughter on January 23 ( 1-23...) and I was induced with my 2nd daughter on Sept 9 (9-9) I like numbers that repeat, so 11 is okay by me. I was so jealous of my friend who had her baby on 8-8-08. Wow, I sound like a dork.. Math teachers unite :)

  5. ok...i can be convinced of a number's beauty if it is truly not a heinous number (66 is heinous...good thing that is no one's birthday)...and so i had to count 11 plus 7 then plus 7 again to realize that is was two weeks to Christmas from the 11th. Julie has just personally redeemed the number 11. I like it now. ")
    -the math teacher

  6. hahaha! You must be talking about Becky! Rylee is 11 yrs. old! YAY! Anyways, how do I add you to follow your blog? This is really confusing! Shannon

  7. Julie, I realize this comment is about 2.5 years late and I definitely won't win the giveaway (ha!) but I've been reading your blog for crafty ideas, giggles and photos of Janey (my husband laughed out loud when I showed him the "smile" photo. Cutest bald baby ever!) :-) Anyway, I got a huge kick out of this post. I LOVE the number eleven. Love it. I do NOT like math. ICK! But I actually kind of have a thing for numbers themselves, and I LOVE the number eleven. I always have. The joke is that the number 11 is stalking me. From my birthday, which is also the eleventh, though in October, to most of the important dates in my life (minus my wedding. We just couldn't make it work) to every choir folder (I'm a music teacher)I've ever had. I don't go looking for it, it finds me. Just thought I'd share. Have a beautiful week!