Okay, so I didn't invent this.

It isn't rocket science.
But it is so easy and adds simple charm all year round.

Take a mason jar (I love me a mason jar.)
or spaghetti sauce jar,
or wine bottle.
Stuff in a pack of Christmas lights with the plug sticking out the top.
Plug it in.
Add wire or ribbon to the top to be fancy.


You can probably find everything you need right now and have your own little firefly lamp without spending a penny.



  1. I love mason jars too, I haven't found one for myself yet. Will you still sell your items after Christmas?

  2. I also love mason jars.
    Wonderful idea :)

  3. Sorry I've been so incredibly busy that I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY! I hope it was great. When is the little peanut due exactly?

    My daughter's bday was Dec. 13. So I think 13 is a lucky number now!

    Nothing wrong with 11.

    Great idea with the mason jar. I've seen simlar, but fancier containers. I like the simplicity and rustic style of the mason jar.

  4. I love this idea! I have a strand of battery operated lights and a few random jars just waiting for me to do this! Thanks!