I pressed snooze for one hour.
I woke up to what looked like a crime scene.
  (Halley had a bloody nose in the night).

This little one gave me a panic attack.
I cried.
She's fine.
I'm not.  
The term "non-stress test" is really stinking stressful.
  I am at the point in my pregnancy where I get them twice a week.  
Two down, 18 to go.

I wistfully ate some of these fun, nostalgic cookies, knowing it might well be the last time.  
Mother's Cookies suddenly ceased production.  
Another casualty of our awesome economy.

I began painting a forest of wood.
So very sorry homeless animals.  I had good intentions, but I can no longer use reclaimed wood from construction sites, since construction sites don't exist thanks to the awesome economy.

I burned myself with the glue gun making this.
It was worth it though.

How was your day?

Off to take Dorothy and Nemo to the pumpkin patch.


  1. sending you hugs

    love the headband!

  2. I'm so sad to hear that frosted animal cookies may become extinct. They're soooo good!

  3. Sorry to hear that "Baby Girl" gave you a scare. Hope you are hanging in there.

    WHAT??? The frosted animal cookies may be a thing of the past?! OH NO! I better stock up tomorrow at the store! I LOVE those things!

    Cute headband! I made some posies but put them on clips!!

    Good luck on the signs! OH MY WORD!! I get overwhelmed just looking at all that wood!!

    Thinking of you!

  4. i can remember once when i was 7 my mom coming in to wake me up and said "don't get up! stay right there!" she cleaned me up and took me out of my room. apparently i had a bloody nose and my bed was like a crime scene...good word picture. but she thought i would freak out really bad if i saw it. i never did see.

    and i WILL be buying those cookies tomorrow.
    thanks for the news.

    happy painting.

  5. Because I love your blog, I left you a little something on mine... Have fun! :)

  6. Your blog is so full of such happy, fun, crafty goodness!

    (minus the burning the hand on the glue gun...doesn't that hurt! I have done that so many times)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog...I am so excited for you to have a 3rd little girl...I love my 3 all together...such a blessing...

    Have a happy Halloween!


  7. Really - they're going to stop making frosted animal cookies!!