Today did not go exactly as I planned.

But I suppose life never really does.
Sign count is still holding at zero.
Taking daughter to pediatrician for major skin issues count is at one.

But, my sister in law who just returned from visiting her sister in law from Texas cheered me up with a little retail therapy.

I have noticed that lately I mostly talk about:
Hating the heat.
Not finishing stuff.
Flip flops.

This falls into one of those categories.  One of my favorite categories.
So if you are from Texas, Sam Moon is old news to you.  Annoying even.  However, to me, Sam Moon is my new favorite obsession.
But, if you don't live in Texas, meet your new best friend.   Do I need a new purse?

Do I have 30 handmade purses staring at me right now?
Would I feel that bad plopping down 20 bucks for one of these trendy beauties?

Do I care?
Not really.

Did I mention that they sell funky jewelry too?


  1. I had a boss from Texas a few years ago who introduced me to Sam Moon - it is definately a best kept secret!
    The quality isnt always the best, but their stuff is fun and rediculously cheap! Kudos to tracking it down!

  2. You just helped me figure out what to get my mom and sister for Christmas! Keeping it my secret until then.

  3. I LOVE Sam Moon! Once my MIL discovered it after moving to Dallas, I love searching through everything to find the treasures! So happy you know of it too! :-)