I should be outside working on signs.
It should not be this hot.

I have made no secret of my disdain for the heat...  I have decided to blame it on the fact that I am Irish.  Thanks to Google I have figured out that the average temp in Ireland is around 58 to 68 degrees.  Perfect.  Send me there quick.  I would get so much more done.  

But until I move, I am catching up on the Tivo in the comfort of my AC, making fun things that don't require sunscreen, ice water and sunglasses.  I am also trying not to freak out that in 8 days I need to have at least 100 signs made.  My current count is zero.  But my non-sign related count is awesome.
So as the girls sleep I am just kicking back in my favorite corner of the couch, leisurely making yo-yos and pretending that it is cold enough outside for Halley to actually wear something this cozy.
These are making me look forward to Christmas, even if we end up spending it at the beach.  Maybe tomorrow I will brave the outdoors, work on my tan and knock out some signs.  For now I am a bit partial to the beanies.


  1. I am hating this heat... and it's supposed to rain on Halloween... what is the world coming to? The hat is darling though!

  2. Cute hat and yo yo's! I feel ya on the heat! It is still 90 degrees here too...UGHH!!! So hard to get in the mood for fall! Oh how I love cool, cloudy, dreary days! My creativity and productivity are through the roof! That is why pretty much nothing is getting done now...it is hot and sunny! Oh, and the fact that my kids are literally about to push me over the edge with their CONSTANT fighting!!

  3. Girl! I totally sympathize with you about the weather!! I live in Arizona and it's been 93 all week! :( You, me & Ireland... sounds great!! ;)

    LOVE that beanie!! Too cute!

  4. Shout out for my fellow Irish lass!

    My honeymoon was to Ireland in December. It was 65, misty, and the hills were just as green as they should be. Heck, the flowers were still blooming!

    Add to that the de-friz into curls my hair miraculously achieved and I was HOME BABY!

    Of course, the weather guy said something about snow today...

  5. I'll take a tiny bit of that heat over here in Iowa. It is 36 degrees outside here! I have a heated blanket on my lap to stay nice and warm though. Hope it cools down a bit for you guys out there.

    Heidi Jo the Artist

  6. This is adorable! I'm jealous that you have the heat! It is FREEZING here and now they actually mentioned the "s" word for later today. I can't take it. I want my summer days back!!!!

  7. It snowed yesterday here in the NC mountains! The snow is good for my Irish blood :)

  8. Its FREEZING here!! Its seems we had a few days of Fall and now its winter. Of course, it could be worse, NC got snow the other day.
    Love the hat!!

  9. hey julie!
    i know you're a busy little bee but if you happen to get a chance, could you possibly sew me one of those zebra print bags?
    they are way adorableee. :]
    if you cant, i completely understand.
    <3, Eryn

  10. very cute julie.
    i get much more done on rainy days. or at least i get a lot more tv watching done on those days. :)

    cute beanies.
    and purses too.