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Unless of course you struggle with jealousy.  Then what ever you do, do not click here.  I am serious.  This is your last chance.  Don't look here.  You will get drool on your keyboard, and then sink into a huge hole of never ending depression.  Or maybe that is just me.  

Secondly,  Blogger is loading pictures in a wacky, random and unpredictable order. 
Anyone know a way around it?

Lastly, I am slowly transferring pictures from our old computer to our fab Mac and I just had to go through Halloweens past.  So here is a random sampling of this day from the last four years.  (In strange Blogger- inspired order.)

Dorothy and Nemo 2008
Halley changed her mind about a thousand times as to who she wanted to be.  Lucy has wanted to be Nemo for over a year.  My mom made Halley the dress and I found the fab (yet not really trick or treat friendly) ruby slippers on Ebay.

Nemo 2008
I lied to Lulu and told her that it is a requirement of the pumpkin patch for all girls to wear pony tails.  It worked.  I am brilliant.

Beautiful Butterfly 2006
Here is Lulu's first Halloween at six months old.  Her cousin is wearing this costume this year.  I love to see different kids wear the same thing.  Happiness.

Nemo 2006
Halley was the original Nemo.  Just another beautiful day at Disney's California Adventure.  This was the first year that they decorated for Fall and it was amazing.

Halley at the pumpkin patch when she was about 1 1/2.  She has always been into ponytails.  No lies were required to get this hairdo.  Sadly no costume pictures from this year.  Jason had the flu and I was dealing with crazy (requiring hospitalization) morning sickness.  Good thing Halley was too young to know what she was missing. 

Beautiful Butterfly 2004
Halley's first Halloween.  This is still one of my favorite pictures of her ever.  We took her trick or treating to the grandparent's houses.  Happy memories.

Alice in Wonderland and Tinkerbell 2007
After an Ebay seller never sent me the costume I ordered, my mom miraculously whipped up this Alice dress on October 30th.  It was so much better than the shady Ebay seller's could ever have been.  I made Lulu's tutu the day of Halloween while she was napping.  When I finally tried it on her, well, it was a bit big.  Cute, none the less.

Hope you all had a fun night and are snacking on the kid's candy while they sleep.


  1. Tonya's photography and sewing capabilities are fabulous. And both you and her have some of the most adorable little girls!!

    I absolutely adore the last photo of Alice and Tinkerbell from behind. Wonderful. Those two costumes are too cute as well. ( I have those two in mind for my little one in the years to come)

  2. What a fun post! I love the pictures from the past and I am now hooked on a Tonya's site. Her pictures are amazing!

    I LOVE the last picture of the girls. My daughter was Tinkerbell this year and I would have loved for her to wear that tutu! And you just whipped it up while she was napping?? Envy!!

  3. Too cute!!! I too love the Alice and Tinkerbell girls from the back...adorable!!!
    I went to my sister's house to pass out niece and her Scottie dog comes over and we all pass out candy...
    The scotty, (Bree) loves Trick or Treat...she is in costume and passes out doggie treats to the dogs! FUN!

  4. You already know that I love Tonya {wink}! Didn't she do a great job on those costumes?! All while battling terrible morning sickness!!! Crazy! Next year I should definitely be making our costumes!!

    How fun to see flashbacks of the girls!! What cute costumes they have had!! After seeing that Tinkerbell costume and hearing that you "whipped" it up during nap time, I am inspired to make Gentry a new tutu - in a fun color!!

    Okay...our Halloween pics are uploaded so I am flipping back over! Have a great weekend!

  5. Those fairy godmother costumes are the absolute best!! Your girls have great costumes, too!

  6. Ruby slippers! I want a pair for myself! I do even think my little Henry would like one for him, lol... He has heard so much about those shoes he'll love to have such a magic pair!, lol...

  7. oh my goodness...I am so not worthy of such praise...I peeked back in tonight to such a surprise to link back to my site...

    thank you for such a humbling & sweet comment!

    Your little flashback here was adorable...such beautiful little ones....

  8. Cute stuff!! My youngest was THE CUTEST SKUNK -EVER-! And my oldest was THE CUTEST VAMPIRE EVER! ;)

    I loved Tonya's costume for her "trifecta" too. :) Very clever.

  9. BTW: If you want to see some other great costumes, check out this blog...

    I read her blog all the time, and she makes some pretty stinkin amazing costumes too! :)