Once in a while we will see what the world thinks of as a "celebrity".  For me, they are just normal (sort of) people who happen to have jobs that put them in the magazines.  I have never asked for an autograph or even said hello... What would I say?  "I liked you in that movie" and then stand there like a dork?  But then there are the "celebrities" that won't exactly make the gossip column, but are so much more interesting to me.

A while back when we were in Nashville we saw Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife at Target.  They are famous people I am actually interested in meeting.  Jason knew him from the band days, so we said hello.  We found out they were having a date night and buying plastic bins.  Adorable.  So kind, warm, real and normal.  Love them!
So where am I going with this story?
Yesterday I was at the scrapbook store using the die cut machine.
When who strolls in to use the machine next to me?  A real life celebrity (at least to me.)  Stephanie Ackerman stopped in to cut a few things out.  I couldn't believe it.  I stalk her blog, heart her shop, love her magazine, have her stamps, and secretly wish I could doodle like her.  (Seriously, look at how she writes a bible verse!)
She loves Jesus, her husband, her cool kids and spreads joy wherever she goes.
That is my kind of celebrity sighting.


  1. That's cool. One time I was at a military conference in Vail, Colorado and ran into Trista and Ryan Sutter at Target. No make-up, no frills, just normal people doing normal things! And no, I didn't speak to them either! :0)

  2. OH MY GOSH....YOU are a very silly person...maybe if BON JOVI strolled up..well then...
    but ME???? I am just like you!!!!

    Thanks for the kuddos...and next time I see YOU..I am gonna say hello before you say hi to me!!!


  3. i am addicted. i went on to look at her blog and her art. HOLY COW, it is amazing. i think i have spent most of my day reading her doodles and drooling over her artwork. her colors, writings, fonts, sayings....LOVE IT ALL. i hope to take a class from her. she is so, so talented. seriously, i want to go back and read more. i just love em'
    thanks for sharing :O)
    i am so happy to read your blog daily.