Seriously, he did.

What?  Who does that?  
Jason does, only he didn't mean to.

I love thrift shops.
Jason, well, not so much (germ OCD.)

But we were at Goodwill fetching the most hideous outfit for 80's night at church and he found these new-ish Hurley tennis shoes.
Great condition, perfect size, super cheap.
So, I held them (I'm germ proof) and promised he could wash them at home.
They were washed in hot water and came out sparkly clean and creepy- free.

he really wanted to wear them.

he put them in the dryer.  
All 20 some pounds of size 11 1/2 wet canvas and rubber.
Crazy noises could be heard all the way down the street.
Weird smells emanated from the dryer.
Then it suddenly stopped.


$10 shoes.
$490 dryer.

No more Goodwill shopping for him.  Ever.


  1. Oh my goodness, that's so funny!! I'm so sorry for you and your dryer...but you did a fantastic job telling the story! haha Hope he enjoys wearing them! :)

  2. Oh whoa. That is a good purchase gone bad. Really bad! Of course, it totally sounds like something my Tim Allen/Everybody Loves Raymond-ish husband would do.

  3. Don't you hate it when you are trying to (or not and think you are just getting lucky) at a really great deal and it goes SOUTH!!!

  4. oh, julie...
    i am trying not to laugh cause i know you want to kill him. here is an idea for your germ-o-phobe. anything you want to degermify, put it in a ziplock and put it in the freezer. it works. seriously. kills all the germs and works great on getting smells out of stinky shoes too.
    oh, poor you. well, at least you have a reason to put off the laundry.

  5. Sorry for your loss....but this post was too stinkin funny....he better wear those sneaks till they fall apart!

  6. This sounds like chaos that would ensue at my house. So funny! Hopefully you find a nice new dryer on sale! :0

  7. I feel your pain. Last night while my daughter and I were at Girl Scouts, my husband so generously threw in a load of laundry. Yes, it was an exciting mix of whites, brights, darks & even towels. Not to mention at the bottom of the washer I discovered everything from coins to fruit strip wrappers. Well, I suppose I should just be grateful the appliances made it through!

  8.! How will you get Lucy's diapers dry?! I need to show this post to my hubby. A few years ago I left a plastic nickel (teacher) in my pocket, and it got stuck in the hose of the washer. Of course we didn't know that until the repairman pulled it out. It was an expensive nickel!

  9. What a bummer! I wash and dry shoes all the time - thanks for the heads up!

  10. Oh rats - I hate it when things like that happen.

  11. are you not supposed to put shoes in the dryer?
    i would have done that.
    this is a good lesson for me.
    you may have just saved me $500.
    thank you.
    did you a fun color or just white? :)

  12. Oh. My. Gracious!!! I know this is horrible but I couldn't help but laugh!!!! Sounds just like my hubby!

  13. Thanks for the laugh! Sorry about the dryer.