It's not me, it's you.
We have to break up.
You have been a bit too scandalous lately.
Besides,  I have someone new...

It's true love forever and ever.
Who needs gold medals when I can cook amazing meals easy and quick.

It was good while it lasted, but I have to move on.
Let's still be friends, okay?

For this yummy mac n cheese go here.
To get your own magazine (that's better than a boyfriend) head here.


  1. I'm another Food and Family fan! I love that they offer some great healthy options that work well with the Weight Watchers Program!

  2. i LOVE food and family. every single recipe i have had from is has been delicious!!! have you tried the taco bake? we had that for dinner last night and it was yummy!

  3. I love this mag too! Who needs boys when you can have yummy food :)

  4. I love kraft foods magazine. I love that the food is yummy, the kids love it and so do the adults, but I also love that they provide the nutritional values.

  5. HEY! I get that magazine too!! Yummy! Most of the time I just look and never actually cook, but I have a whole pile of them should I ever feel the urge!!

    And what is this about Michael Phelps being scandalous?!! You must be reading some of the gossip magazines that I don't pour over! Do share!!

  6. this is one of my favorite magazines ever!! the free part is the best ;)

  7. sweet! thanks! :) I am all about good & easy recipes!

  8. Sounds soooo yummy! I’m pleased to tell you that I just awarded you with the “I love your blog” award. Come check it out here:

    Heidi Jo the Artist

  9. Hilarious and I WILL be trying out the mac and cheese recipe! The magazine sounds like something I would like to try.

  10. Yep- Been a fan of FF for a while. Good eats, usually on the cheap and easy side.


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