I am not one of those Runway Moms.  They are not really human anyway.

I am more in the realm of puffy, tired, constantly puking moms.
Despite the fact that I have only gained a few pounds because of the lovely lack of keeping food down, my wedding ring has been too tight since week 8.
I have been trying daily to pry it off of my finger.
I have Googled myself crazy looking for solutions.

Nothing has worked.

Yesterday I drove by a fire station and almost stopped in to have them cut if off.  Lucy was with me and I figured she would be scarred for life if she saw them come at me with the ring saw.
So it stayed on, digging a permanent divot in my skin.


Then suddenly, in the middle of watching House, I miraculously wiggled it off.  Don't ask me how or why, I am just glad to be able to breathe again.

So what did I do today?

I went to buy myself the most obnoxious bling-ed out fake ring I could find.  
For six bucks.
I am so a Runway Mom now!


  1. I am glad you were able to wriggle them off! I would have run right out too and bought a big fake one to fit. I always feel 'naked' without my rings on, especially when pregnant ;)

  2. Julie..this was so funny...
    atleast you are pregnant and trying to wriggle off your rings..
    i'm just retaining water..and most likely M n M's in my fingers...
    ahhhhhh! for the love of chocolate!
    Also, i was so charmed by your post on the sewing machine..i have my mom's old singer..and i have had her tuned up a couple times already..i think she may be ready to retire...i would love to get back in to sewing just some small stuff...i can remember my mom teaching me one summer how to sew..and lay out a pattern...and pin..and ahh...the love!! That was when hair scrunchies were HUGE..literally...and i made them constantly for my friends...and myself...anyway..thank you for the reminder of this lost art...can't beat the hum of a good machine either!!..
    love to read you..

  3. This just tickles me.

    Rock on with your bling. I'll never tell.

    I was so determined to not take my rings off, I wore them in delivery. Even after the whole, "no jewelry" warning!

  4. I am SO glad you wiggled it off!! I had to have mine cut off 3 years ago and still have yet to "find" the extra money get it resized and fixed. I also bought myself a big fakey blingy ring to wear in lieu of that one. Then..last year, my mom gave me her REAL blingy ring--saying she didn't want to wait until she died to give it to me...she wanted to see it on my finger now!! Lucky me!! SO..the original set is still waiting to get fixed. When it does it will work nicely on my other hand..and I can be SOO runway mom then!! ;)

  5. Oh! I loved wearing a fake rock when I was prego!! You should post a picture! Be careful rockin that ring around when you're wearing your Lauren braid...you might make the paparazzi start clickin!!

  6. That's awesome! I did the same thing during my last pregnancy. I got the hugest fake rock I could find. It gave me a terrible rash!