Here's a quick tutorial link for you today.  I found this pumpkin beauty that Elise made over at Nest Sweet Nest and it has suddenly moved to the top of my must do list.  I love the fabrics she chose and the fact that it will last all the way through Thanksgiving.  It is over 90 degrees here, but I am willing myself to believe that it is indeed Autumn.  You can find the full tutorial right here.

A while back Michelle from Hello Cupcake gave me this sweet award and just the other day Heidi Jo from Swirls of Creativity did too.  So I am going to stop slacking and follow through with their kindness.
Here is the fun tag that goes with the award.   I am supposed to answer the following questions with one word answers.  I can't promise I will do a very good job, but here I go.

1.  Where is your cell phone?  Table


  1. Have you seen the American Girl doll named Julie? She is so YOU!! hehehe

  2. I made these, too! When Holly shared her photos last fall I BEGGED her to post the instructions! They are so cute and child proof!

  3. Love the pumpkin! Glad to see I’m not the only one that has given you a blog award, you so deserve it! :)

  4. I love those pumpkins and am in the process of making 6 of them by the end of this week! Congratulations on your award!!


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