1. I hear ya! It is a HUGE ordeal when I take the kids grocery shopping, but when Chris takes the kids ANYWHERE, they are perfect little angels!!


  2. that is great! I'm getting ready to head out to get groceries in a few and the boys will be with me. i will be exausted when we return!

    i LOVE your blog and am not sure how happened upon it but i'm glad i did!

  3. i have no idea....my husband wil never take them to stores.
    i am on my own. :)

    cute pic.

  4. Ooh, Azura is only 6 months and it's impossible to go grocery shopping with her. She starts out ok but by the end she's crying in the checkout line while I quickly get out of there.

    I didn't see your comment on my blog til today, which one of your girls had reflux? I didn't realize wheat was a big offender but will look back into it as I don't think no dairy is doing enough.. and hey, I don't mind losing some weight while I'm at it ;)

  5. LOL! It would figure, wouldn't it! LOL! What happened to your post about the cute signs you make? It was in my reader and I wanted to let you know that your sign is really cute! Such a neat gift idea! You totally SHOULD make one for yourself! You deserve it!

  6. NOT FAIR!!

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know I posted results from the baby invitation project I did with my mom...


  7. That pic should be on a costco ad flyer!

  8. This is the story of my life, Julie. STORY OF MY LIFE.

    They are so much easier for daddy. He would also be done in 30 minutes, whereas I would be out for hours.


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