Jason left at 4am to drive up to USC for the game today.  Us girls are here at home cheering on our favorite Trojans.  I think Lulu would rather play football than cheer for it.  Loving her old school pigskin pose.

But we have another big cheer for:



The fancy number picking site random.org chose her as the big winner of her own Mimi and Reese bag.

Thanks for all of your comments and great ideas.
I could order a few dozen different bags for every day, season, holiday and occasion.
How in the world could I choose just one?

Happy College Gameday to you!


  1. CUTE!! Have fun cheering on your team!! I am not so much a sports fan but I would certainly dress Gentry up like that if I had the chance!! Enjoy your day!!

  2. Yay !!!!
    Thanks so much !!

    Yipeeeee !!!!!