As soon as any one hears we are having another girl they automatically kind of panic.  To be honest, I am so thrilled.  I love my girls so much, I think sisters are the best thing in the world, and I just can't wait so see them all grow up together.  Some other bonuses are:  I don't have to repaint the bubblegum pink nursery and I already have more than enough adorable clothes with so much wear left in them.  

But if I wanted to be silly and extravagant I might splurge for these absolutely unecessary, yet adorable baby goodies.  Why shouldn't she have a great pair of shoes, even if she can't walk?  Then nobody will look at my flip flops and spit up stained shirt.

Halley and Lulu loved a good swaddle.  Why shouldn't this girl be swaddled in style?

Guess who has these shoes and swaddle blankets?
Celebrities.  Who got them for free.  At their corporate sponsored baby showers.  Elegantly photographed by professionals.  For a magazine.  For free.  In fact, they probably got paid just to show up at their own party.
I am in the wrong business.
Seriously, if anyone could afford luxuries like these, it would be the rich and famous.

I am a stay at home mom who would love some free swag.  I just gave you a blog shout out.  I am not famous, but if I was I would buy your stuff.  With money.  But since I am not, please send it my way.  For free.
j ( an unimportant, non-celebrity who just gave you free advertising.)


  1. I'm sure with that glowing endorsement...the FREE baby goodies will be at your door soon....:)
    They are cute though, aren't they!
    Love your have such good ideas for children...

  2. one of my pet peeves about celebrities...come on people if you have enough money to buy these items you should NOT get them for free!!!

  3. How fun are those little goodies?! I saw the shoes on another blog awhile back and they absolutely cracked me up! And, had I known about them back when Gentry was tiny, I MAY have had to get some!! Good thing I was oblivious!!

    Hope you guys are having a great day!!

  4. Just wanted to say that I agree--having 3 little girls is a lot of fun. and a lot of giggles. and a lot of drama. But we love it.

  5. Seriously, you find the cutest stuff! I just wish my little girl was that small to fit in that stuff...or not, she's at a fun age-16 months...maybe we'll just have to have another!? ;)

  6. Those have to be the funniest things ever! My 6 year old thinks she needs to wear high heels. She and one of her brothers were planning on using some scrap wood they found and hammering it to the bottom of her shoes. Voila! Homemade high heels. Perhaps if she had a pair like these she wouldn't feel the need for them now!

  7. Haha those shoes are ridiculous yet for some reason I want Azura to have all 6 colours!

    Let's hope you will get those goodies some day (and for free!)