Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, I have been stuck in the year 2002 with my expensive,evil, ink sucking Canon printer.  Big, bulky, paper eating, money pit of a beast.  It constantly runs out of all five colors of ink, even though I print everything in low quality grayscale.  To make it's evilness even more supreme, it costs nearly $60 to buy refills for.  And no, the discount ones don't work.  Trust me, I have tried.  So this time instead of  throwing my money down the drain and into new cartridges, I kicked to to the Craigslist Curb Alert.  I kissed it goodbye and sprung for a shiny, happy, new glorious printer.  For just $20 more than the cost of refills I now have a printer/ copier/ scanner/ fax machine that is half the size of the Canon monster.  I just scanned my very first thing.  Look how fancy I am!

Ty?  Pennington?  Celebrity spokesperson for baby formula?  Really?  Just like every human with a heart I love Extreme Makeover Home Edition and cry pretty much every episode.  What I have never done is thought "Wow, that Ty Pennington is an amazing designer.  I bet he could invent new packaging for Similac!"  Enter perfect idea for use of new scanner and blog post!  I had to find out more and it turns out that Similac is having a contest to have Ty makeover your nursery.  Maybe they should have put that in the ad.  You can enter here and find out all of the details.  I am good in the nursery department.  Don't really need $10,000 to burn on a place where diapers are changed and sleep is interrupted.  What I would like is $10,ooo to make over my craft room.  Considering that it is currently invisible and non-existent.  I am off to search through Papercrafts magazine to see if Ty is the new rep for Fiskars or some other random craft company in hopes that he can throw some money my way.


  1. Entertaining post really had me laughing with your humor on the Ty Pennington designer of formula paragraph! Love it.

    Thanks for the giggle. I needed a few!

  2. LOL I never would of put Ty Pennington and Similac together either... they should def. put that on the ad! Anyhoo, very amusing post today! =]

  3. isn't that interesting?!! I am not so much needing a nursery either, but how about he come and work his magic in our office?! They could have that little project knocked out in about a day with their skills!!

  4. which printer did you get? i need a new one too!!!

  5. I've just discovered your post via Polka dot mom. What a sweet blog. I would love to do a give away . I have new totes that are pink,brown and celebrate God's love. Drop by Let me know if you are


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