Composition Book Cover Tutorial
What you will need:
One piece of 12 x 24 inch fabric
Piece of medium weight fusible interfacing

(Click on any picture to see details.)

This is an example of the interfacing.  It gives the fabric a bit of body and keeps the cover on the book a bit better.  It also makes lighter color fabric less see through so the composition book doesn't show.

Open your composition book up on top of the interfacing.  Cut a piece of interfacing the same size as the book.

Center the interfacing on the wrong side of your fabric.  Keeping it in place turn fabric over and iron according to interfacing directions.  If you iron directly on the interfacing it will probably melt and bubble and wreck your iron.  I've done it.  Not fun.

On the long edge of the fabric fold in about 1/2 an inch and iron.

Fold again and iron. This will bring you to or almost to the rectangle of interfacing.

Sew a straight stitch down the twice folded seam, backstitching at the beginning and end.  Repeat the same steps for the other long side of the fabric. 

On one of the short sides of the fabric fold down 1/2 an inch and iron and then fold again and iron.

Sew along the folded edge.  Repeat for other short side.

Open composition book over wrong side of fabric.

Tuck in each flap and close book.

Make sure sides are tight and even.

Pin at each corner, front and back.

Take composition book out and switch pins to the inside.  It will make sewing easier.

Sew a line as close to the edge as you can on the top and bottom flaps on each side of the cover.  Remember to backstitch.  Clip all loose threads.

Slide your composition book into your brand new cover!


  1. Great tutorial! Do you do checkbook covers too? I want to make one. Just kidding, I can probably figure it out.

    I made a sample shower invitation today! So fun. Can't wait to make the final batch once we get all the info... Thanks so much for posting that!

  2. You have such great ideas. Love this and it will make a great gift for my sis this Christmas :)

  3. ok..MAYBE I can do it. I am SO excited to try! WHEEE!!

  4. Love those composition books! And the fabric cover is sooooo cute! I am sure it makes you want to make more things in it, lol...

  5. Beautiful covers! Thanks for the instructions!

  6. I love that fabric!!! And secondly, wow, that looks super easy!!! Maybe this weekend I will give it a go??? OHH, and to the first comment, Kristi, what a great idea!!!! (check book cover)

  7. Thanks, but what I REALLY want to know is where do you find such gorgeous fabric and do you pay an arm and a leg for it?

  8. I get almost all of my fabric on Etsy or Ebay. I wish I could say that I find good deals, but mostly I don't. But in some things I totally believe that you get what you pay for... quality quilt-weight cottons are worth so much more than less expensive chain fabric store prints. If I am going to spend a billion minutes sewing something I don't want it to fade, be see-thru or fall apart. On average I spend about $7.50 a yard.... hope that helps.

  9. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I made 2 last night and they turned out great=) I am so new to sewing and I found your site with all your tutorials and link to other tutorials friday night and I am addicted! I can't say thank you enough. I made 3 tissue holders and 2 of the composition books so far. I found a link to a tutorial for the snack bags you bought from Etsy, after I purchased one for my son. I got it today and it is soooo cute. I told the woman on Etsy that I found her through your blog. She knew who you were=) Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for everything,

  10. I had such fun with this--thanks for sharing!

  11. Thank you for this! I made one for my kids' teacher and it came out nicely. Linked to it from my blog. :)

  12. i just made two of these - one for me and one as a valentine's gift for my hubby. i'm a novice sewist, so i made my share of mistakes. but when it finally worked i screamed and did a dance of joy! literally, screaming and dancing in my pj's. :) thanks for the neat project and for helping me on my path - i will conquer the sewing machine!

  13. Thanks so much for sharing. I just finished following your tutorial and ended up sewing it too small and ripping my seams and fixing it and it turned out great! I added a fabric flower/pen holder to the front. I will post it on my blog soon.....

  14. Great tutorial!

    I loved this tutorial and i'm already a fan of your blog.. and a follower, of course ;-)


  15. can't thank you enough for the tutorial. check out my site if you want and you'll see what you inspired!

  16. great idea for my girls for back to school and for all their drawings-saw this with your car tray you just featured-perfect for my girls for the car!

  17. yay!  i just made this and it came out great!  thanks so much for this fab tutorial!

  18. I just made this!! Can't believe.

  19. This is a very nice tutorial! Thank you for posting it. I uploaded some tutorial as well, on my new blog, if you want to have a look! will probably post a picture of this beautiful cover soon :)