Well, I couldn't just give away one composition book. Or two.  It had to be three.   I also couldn't bear making another one out of princess fabric (Halley has already asked for a dress in the same fabric.  The same fabric that I would like to light on fire.  See this post to learn about my issues.) So I chose the following yummies.
Shelly (happy birthday to you) gets this funky floral one for herself.  

Brianna's daughter can write about her roller coaster adventures in this one.

Jes' son can compose chords to songs we might hear on the radio someday.

Please convo me via my poor little, neglected, empty Etsy shop  with your addy's so I can send these on their way.  
I am planning a big shop update mid-September, so keep a lookout.  I am sure there will be some giveaways involved.
Thanks for all of your comments!  I loved making these little covers and am going to post a simple tutorial on how you can make your own (seriously, simple, simple sewing) later on this week.


  1. sweet!! thank you so much! this is absolutely PERFECT since my lil 6 yr old big boy is learning to play the guitar!! he will be SOOOO excited...thank you. :)

  2. WHOOOOOOoooOoo HooOooo!!! I am elated!!! YAY! Thank you so so much!

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Thank you SO MUCH! Anna LOVES rollercoasters! So perfect!

    Looking forward to the tutorial, too!

  4. These are all so beautiful! I hope to learn a bit more about sewing, I love your creative blog! I think these would be good to try to make for a beginning sewer like myself, except I need to get my sewing machine back from my mom…she is using at as a backup since hers has been on the fritz, but who knows maybe she would help make a couple of these, she likes to keep my machine as a backup. ;) And since I have been pretty busy lately, I don’t mind too much. Have a great week!

  5. I found your BLOG and put you on my Favorites...love the things you make...you are a talented woman...keep up the good BLOG....

  6. Congratulations to the winners. Love the roller coaster fabric.

  7. So cute! Love them!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week... come check it out!