As inspired by C at Little Bit Funky here are some really good things that I am happy about today.
Sunny days playing with water in the backyard,  catching Halley smiling for the camera (rare), the two of them playing together, my new camera lens, Halley's curls...
the hope that someday Lulu will have the same curls,
my super cheap smoothie maker that produces the best smoothies ever, every time, and Trader Joe's for their yummy and affordable juices and frozen fruits,
my glorious Mac and all that it helps me do, my One to One training at the Apple store for teaching me exactly what I want to learn, the girls watching their favorite "movie", a slideshow I made of their baby cousin with Jack Johnson as the soundtrack,
the fact that I sent my husband to a Laker's finals game that they actually won and didn't fall apart in a hideous disaster.  He will remember being at that game more than what ultimately happened in Boston last night.

Happy good things to you!


  1. Lovin' the pics of the girls! Isn't is AMAZING what a difference a lens makes?! I have been snapping away with mine like crazy but haven't uploaded any of my pics to the computer yet because I am still busy sorting through the thousands already on there!!

    I might try tonight...I saw the post on Little Bit Funky myself and although I miss home, I have a LOT to be happy about!! And of course I love to share!!

  2. Yes, a MAC is a very GOOD thing! Your girls are adorable as always! :)

  3. One on One Training?
    hmmmm....i'm in terested.
    what is that?

    sweet post.
    i couldn't get it together.

    your husband must be so happy with that memory.
    that is so cool.

  4. Mmmm. That smootie looks yummy! It's hot here today, a smootie would be fabulous!