No real theme today, just goodies that I really, really like as nominated by you, sweet readers.  Enjoy!

Save The Date has a brilliant way to save money on postage as well as save trees.  Their Save the Date cards are stunning and meant to be sent by email.  If only I had this option 10 years ago!

HarmonyWear is defined by fun and whimsy.  Who doesn't love a garden gnome?  A certain house in my neighborhood has an obsession with them... perhaps another post.
Arfeiniel is full of simple yet funky designs.  What little one wouldn't love a sweet gnome hat?  I can just imagine Lulu's funny face in one right now.

Button Boutique creates magic with covered buttons.  You know I love me a covered button.  Here is a fun bit of flair for your wrist.

Fuzzy Me takes a simple tutu to another level.  How magical is this heart filled fluff?


  1. Wow, I'm soooo honored to have been nominated to be a part of the "etsy's best!" Thank you so much!!

  2. Ditto's for Me! Thank you so much for posting my Tutu's... you can see the rest of my line at ... I would love to know who recommended my site:)


  3. FUN FUN FUN! Love that button bracelet!! What happy colors!!

  4. I have recently discovered your etsy shop.. LOVE your signs and thought I would pop over and say hi!! Your blog has loads of cool stuff too :o)

  5. Julie- Here are three nominees for a "best of" post. 1.) 2.) 3.)

    Have you done any of these before? Maybe I found them through you? :)

    Another note, I haven't had a chance to tell you about the excitement created the goodies I brought to Georgia. So fun! I'll e-mail you soon. Also, Kellen LOVES the crayon roll. I made it into a gift for him to open while I was away. He loved it so much he colored all over his dresser when my husband wasn't watching him. At least he had fun doing it.

    Sorry so long!