My husband is hard to buy for.  Hard to surprise.  He is the ultimate gift-giver... so I have a lot to live up too.  Hooray for Ebay!  Bib Fortuna is his favorite Star Wars character and I found, and finally won these vintage guys.  Add in a Lakers' Finals tickets and you get one happy man.  Father's day was amazing.  We started off the day at breakfast with my dad, brother, sis-in-law, and niece, went to church, out to lunch, saw Indiana Jones, grabbed dinner at the beach and then came home to watch the Lakers win.  But I think the highlight for him was opening his package of old-school Star Wars nerdy-ness. 
Another reason I love Ebay is their favorite search feature.  I have been on the hunt for this pattern for over a year.  Ebay emails me if it is ever listed.  Sadly, a really ugly early 1990's dress comes under the same number, so most of the emails disappoint.  This one was the first one that was what I actually wanted.  It is bigger than I would have hoped, but I bid myself silly to win it.  I am going to have to alter it a bit, but look at how simple the one piece design looks.  I am so not a pattern person, but I think this one is an exception.  I am also going to bail on the bias tape, it is a hassle to put on... too much patience and precision required.  I have plans to make it reversible, no inside seams to finish.  Can't wait to try it out.

Here is little miss culinary adventures.  We grabbed clam chowder bowls at the pier and sat down on the sand to eat.  The girls had their own dinner from home, but Lucy was eyeing my chowder.  I always let them try whatever they are interested in.  It only took one sip of a latte to turn them away from begging for my Starbucks.  I figured she wouldn't be into it, but one spoonful later I was left with an empty bread bowl and she took ownership of my soup.  Mind you, this child could eat a burrito with lots of hot sauce every single meal. There however was no bribery on earth that would convince Halley to try it... she is the typical toddler who likes about 5 foods.  Chowder bowls are going to have to remain date night dinners when Lulu is around. 


  1. Cute pic of Miss Lulu!! Is that with your new lens?!!!
    Isn't it funny how kids are? Huntler is the same as Halley...he will NOT eat hardly anything. And then there is Gentry who was licking on a green chili last night. YUCK! I made her stop because I was worried she was going to get sick, but isn't it crazy how different siblings can be?!! I guess in all fairness Huntler takes after me (I order chicken strips or hamburgers EVERYWHERE we go) and Gentry is like her Daddy...the adventurous eater!!

    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!!

  2. Dang - you are a nice wife!

    Why are vintage patterns so yummy?!

  3. I love that vintage pattern--can't wait to see what you create...oh the vintage fabric possibilities, too! Fun fun!
    I never understood that star wars nonsense, LOL!

    and...CUTE picture!

  4. sounds like father's day was a hit! what is up with star wars? sometimes my hubby out of the blue will say oh i really want to watch star wars. WHAT?

    LOVE, love, LOVE that pattern are you going to sell those in your shop? I want some :)

  5. I blogged about you today!! AND the beanies!! I told my hubby you got Lakers tix for your hub and he was green with envy!! And I am continuously jealous of your beach-soup-sand lifestyle! LOVE it! CAn't wait to see your sewing creation!

  6. Wow, dont know anything about star wars, but am impressed. That pic of your wee one is very cute though Jogirl

  7. lulu can be wearin that suit soon! it's from old navy!