Here are a few of the treats I sent over to Lori as part of the Desert Island Swap she held.  It was such a fun swap to participate in, especially considering she loves the beach as much as I do, and also has two sweet daughters.
I found a fun vinyl tablecloth at Target and was able to make three beach bags out of it using this tutorial.  They are durable, waterproof and wipeable.  Perfect for that bottle of sunscreen that is destined to leak.
I do not have the precision or patience to be a quilter.  But if I could make a blanket out of crazy layers of weird shaped scraps and then attack them with my sewing machine I just might change my mind.  I combined many of my most favorite fabrics into a journal cover.
These letters from Joann's remind me of the ones from Land Of Nod.  Oh, the ways I love that catalog.... I got one for each of her girls and made them headbands using this helpful tutorial.
Another great use for covered buttons.  A super simple and very practical bookmark.
In general I am not really into popcorn.  By accident my husband bought this new kind and there has been no turning back.  Inside you will find the chunkiest pieces of pepper you could ever imagine.  Perfect for a side snack with yummy tomatoes.  How sad is the scary tomato recall!  I am so glad I can drive over to my parents house, sneak in the backyard and get as many as I want without thinking "maybe these will make me die".


  1. hey Mrs Carson!
    wow i stumbled on your blog from Lindsey Cheney...
    i am shocked to see you!
    how are you and Jason??? hoe many kiddos do oyu have now? i think we saw you at cherry on top on los alisos a couple weeks ago...
    whats up??? we are in MV still two.. check out my blog i would love to catch up!! does katrina blog????

  2. Julie- Thank you so much for all the goodies! EVERYTHING is absolutely perfect for my desert island adventure! THanks also for thinking of my girls. THey were thrilled to be included! Lori

  3. i love the journal cover! how did you do that? tutorial please (in your free time, of course). and i cannot believe those letters are from joannes. i miss living near one of those stores!

  4. The journal cover is so fabulous and fun! I love it! Great job!

  5. i love your crafty goodness.
    i saw that table cloth but look how outside the box you think!
    i love that bag and journal cover.
    i made a "quilt" thing once too an dcovered my bulletin board with it. it was just like you...i can do it if it can be messy and done my way. i love messy.

    tomatoes huh? not my thing.
    i need sugar.

  6. such cute goodies!! I love the journal cover--awesome job....I love patchwork and randomness, just like that!

  7. This was such a fun post! Thanks for the ideas!