My dad is an amazing gardener.  As soon as I could walk I would toddle out to the backyard and pretty much clear the cherry tomato plants.  Something about warm, sunshine ripened, homegrown produce just can't be matched.  There are few treats that can compete for my affection like a plate of flavorful tomatoes, sea salt and cracked pepper.  My husband and kids think I am crazy when I prepare my nightly "dessert".  Secretly I am glad that they don't like them, it would be really hard for me to share!
Roxi sent me this fun, hand painted glittery sugar starfish for the Not Too Shabby Summer Swap.  It fits in just perfectly with my house.  Thanks so much! 
This is what I sent to her.  I found this funky vintage children's book illustration and had to use it.  I am not sure what language it is, but the colors and the children's faces are just perfect.  I copied a fun idea from my sister in law Beth, and used a shell necklace for a hanger.  Thanks for hosting such a fun swap! 


  1. My mouth totally just watered. Nothing beats fresh tomatoes.

  2. I am not a huge tomato fan, but even those look yummy!!!

  3. That frame you made is adorable!!!

    I cannot believe you will not eat bananas but you can stomach tomatos???

    Enjoy girlfriend. They are so good for you. You can have my portion :)

  4. Julie,
    I found your blog from my best friend Bethany's. I really enjoy your fun sign's and reading your updates.

    At least you know your tomatoes are safe from the salmonella scare!


  5. I love tomatoes too! So Delish! The gift you sent for the swap is adorable!

  6. How funny - that is Mark's favorite dessert too! He spreads them out on his plate and salts them with the care and precision of a heart surgeon. If I was a good wife I would grow them for him . . .

  7. Glad you like it! Mine fits perfectly in my house too! :)