I meant to post this yesterday, but got too excited about the beanies.  I made this for a customer, and look at the date of the wedding.  No husband ever could forget their anniversary.  My friend Becky, a math teacher, has a weird obsession with numbers.  Some she loves, some she thinks are absolutely "ugly".  My birthday falls on an "ugly" day.  She used her math skills to convince her OB to schedule her c-section yesterday (a Saturday) so her baby could have one of the coolest birthdays ever.  They didn't want to find out if it was a girl or boy (read about my dilemma in this post) and surprise... baby Savannah was born on 6/7/08.   Congrats number girl!

Among Lucy's favorite activities, hair washing and rinsing is not very high on her list.  Not that it is very hard for little miss baldy.  One rinse, and she is good to go.  But bathtime can quickly turn from total happiness (I let them eat popsicles in the tub, I can't handle the mess anyplace else) to full blown "my mom has ruined my life" with one pour of a bucket.  This turtle must have some magical powers.  She spent over 15 minutes sticking her hair under him.  Now I just need to figure out how to install a huge concrete fountain in my tub.


  1. That pic is darling. Popsicles in the tub - why haven't I thought of that?! You are a true genius.

  2. I received my fabulous package of goodies today! Thanks for everything- I feel so spoiled!:-) Lori

  3. Ooh...that picture of lucy is sooo cute! I love how the background is a bit blurred...
    And that sign is adorable, can't wait to get mine!!