About a thousand times a day I try to fight the feeling that I am not exactly being the best mom that I could be.  I know I am doing so many things right, but sometimes I am a glass half empty type of girl.  One thing I know I have completely blown it on in keeping up baby books for my girls.
I have a four year old and a two year old and neither one has a baby book.  I kept meaning to get to it, but life flies by and memories start fading.  Thankfully I found these little yummies from Chic Memories.  They are completely personalized inside and out.  Every detail is gorgeous.  They are beyond what I could ever hoped to create on my own.
They are a fantastic size, the pages inside are 8 1/2 by 11.  Each page has tons of room to jot down the things you never want to forget.  This is not your fabric covered album from the early 1990's.  Remember, the kind that was super puffy and lacy with the oval picture frame on the front.  You know you made them.  I sure did.  I thought they were pretty awesome too.  But then so were scrunchies and pegged jeans.
Anyway, back from that digression.  Kerri works with you every step of the way making each book perfect for your child.  She incorporates nicknames, bible verses and lets you add or change pages.
If only she could reach in my brain and retrieve the memories that I have lost by not starting earlier!  


  1. Don't beat yourself up! I was one of those moms who was going to do it all....and let me just say I totally failed!

    I did pretty good with Huntler's baby book, but I have three scrapbook albums and still haven't even finished his first year. (It is called scrapping WAY too many events!!)

    And then there is my beautiful Gentry girl...she has a mostly empty baby book and not a scrapbook one! And although I thought I would NEVER forget one cute little thing either one did...time has passed and my memories have faded.

    It doesn't matter who makes the book...what matters are the memories that go inside it! So go create happy moments for those sweet books!

  2. i, too, must admit i don't have albums done for any of my 3 kids. i don't even have one for my son! those albums look super cute, and half done for you, too! i'm going to check them out. thanks for the link!

  3. Absolutely darling! Thanks for sharing! Lori (Love the hula girl! I think I have seen her somewhere before.:-) )

  4. Those are simply adorable!

    I love the designs, that fabric is one of my favs! It's so happy!


  5. I don't have any baby books for any of my 4 kids and the oldest is about to be 13! Especially since I didn't want to do one of those fabric covered ones!! I already had enough of those!:) Just don't let my kids know there is such a thing as baby books--I'll be in so much trouble!