This week's Etsy Love has been nominated by Bethany of Graham Cracker Crumbs.  Thanks for sharing such great shops!
Any given minute of any given day, odds are one of my girls is having a tea party.  I adore this sweet pink print from Sarah Jane.
Some of my best childhood memories involve camping in the woods.  Oh, how I wish I had found a friendly bear to share adventures with.  Hide N Seek has dreamy and whimsical drawings, and hails from the U.K.
Each time I finish a spool of thread I keep it in a jar as proof of how much I have been sewing.  Sadly my plastic spools just don't have the charm of these vintage ones from Erica Daley.  I could swear this is an exact portrait of my Lulu.
What is a tea party without birds, bunnies, cupcakes and bunting?  I want to recreate this scene under the oak trees at our nearby park.  Thanks for the inspiration Sarah Jane.
Another talented Brit, Paperfish has festive bunting perfect for my oak tree tea party.


  1. I love everything! The vintage pictures and spool are absolutely charming.... Lori

  2. YAY! How fun was that to see?!! I am telling you...I am OBSESSED with Etsy these days! I just can't get enough of some people's creativity!! Seriously!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love Etsy! You have a great blog! If you are ever interested in a custom design, check out my site!

  4. Thank you both Bethany and Julie for having me here! :)
    It's such a joy to be around playing in this lovely blog!! :D


    Hidden Eloise