I am a horrible person!  I am soooo late in getting two wedding presents out.  Crazy late.  Like the bride and groom are probably wondering what is the deal with us, late.  I ran out of zeroes a while ago and kind of forgot to finish the signs.  Mind you I have finished many many signs for Etsy with zeroes since then.  Both of them were just sitting forgotten in my garage, sad and lonely.  Wanting to go to a newlywed's new home.  So today I decided to get my act together and finish them.  They were drying in the backyard and I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I figured that if they have a year to get thank you notes out, I can be a few months late with a present right?  So while I was waiting for them to dry I ran out to the mailbox.  You would not even believe what was in there!  A beautiful card from one of the couples thanking us for "coming to the wedding"!!!!!!!!!  I just about died!  They have already sent out their cards, we haven't given them a present and they are thanking us for coming to the wedding!  So sorry N & C!  Your sign is on its way!


  1. Oh my! I am sosososo glad I found your blog (through Little Bit Funky)! I am crazy about signs - and yours are awesome! I will be back when I can shop around - my little 14 month old is demanding me! :0)

  2. Love your sign and your story!!

    Thank you for joining our "Springtime in Paris Swap"!! Look forward to stopping by soon again!