So there are two types of moms-to-be:  

The "we can't wait to find out what we are having" and the "we love the surprise".  I am 100% in the club of finding out as soon as I can.  I guess it has to do with my terrifying pregnancies and all that we have been through.  I want to know the child I am carrying as well as I can in the womb for however many days they are there.  But I can totally respect the brave few who welcome the unknown.  Tomorrow I am going to a baby shower for a mom who has one girl and one boy.  They decided this time would be a surprise.  So fun!  It is a diaper shower and I just couldn't bring myself to just wrapping up a pack of Swaddlers and calling it a day.  She needs something fun to keep them in, right?  I found myself struggling with what fabric to pick.  Almost all of my stash is either very girly or very boy.  The few fun retro kid prints I have won't work. The type of diaper clutch I make calls for an all-over, not directional print.  My sweet husband who indulges my craft questions suggested I use a Hawaiian print.  BRILLIANT!  I had some red hibiscus left over from another project just waiting to be used.  What do you think?  Is it neutral enough?  Would you carry it around for a baby boy?  I don't have boys so I am a bit clueless.  Maybe she will have a girl and all of this wondering will be pointless.

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  1. Julie!!! I have two boys!! My "diaper" bag/ extra clothes..wipes galore/ anti bact/ bandaides/ wallet/ cell/ graham crackers(and their crumbs) and sippies... IS a Blue hawaiiany(you know what i mean) has been well worn.. but we use it all the time.. and YES i would use it in red.. red goes with a lot of other colors too.. you would be surprised.. it is mostly our accent color in our home.. a little splash here and there... so a fun bag i think is a great idea for your mommy to be..again!! (we waited too... and it IS so exciting) Have a fun day helping her celebrate!!