This is how I feel right now:
It's February, we are still recovering from the heart breaking Super Bowl loss, thankfully that day involved so many nachos.  So many.  We have had two preview services for Encounter, which still seems so surreal.  The girls basketball season is almost over (praise hands emoji).  It's a long weekend and we aren't ditching town.  Even though I want to ditch town.  Our days have been filled with threenager drama, a full house, and a full table, homework and hair brushing, laundry and laughter, and I am trying not to miss the moments as they fly by.

So when I get a quiet moment, I often tuck myself away at the computer, press play on the Mumford & Sons live at Lollapalloza, and make something.
Chances are that something involves a hymn or C.S. Lewis.

Just in time for Valentine's day here's a quote that I am chewing on lately.  I love that Clive.
(Free 8x10 or 16x20 available here.)


  1. Printing in now. Thank you <3 You deserve more nachos! :)

  2. Beautiful! Have a lovely Valentine weekend with your family.

    Thank you.

  3. Thank you ever so much, sweet lady!

  4. Threenager!!!! OH MY WORD. I love that you have created a word to describe it. Even my pediatrician commented on her "three going on thirteen" drama. I'm gonna opt out of the next few years.