(Free notecard printables here)

I spoke this morning at my little MOPS-esque group, and as usual I stressed, wanted to barf, and prayed for rapture to get me out of it.  Speaking is the most opposite of what I love to do, but God in his hilarity continues to give me these small opportunities to share His big story.

As with any time I speak, I always make up some printables, a little backup plan for the strong possibilty that totally bomb, or those listening cannot believe how awkward/ shaky/ crazy/ I am, at least they can get free treats to help them forget. (I still have PTSD from the hotttttt mess that was Blog Sugar 2011.)

While these are universal to me in my weird world and vernacular, they may or may not make sense outside of the little chat I gave.  But they sum up phrases that keep on surfacing as I try to navigate this messy and difficult world. 
These are me in a nutshell.
Trying to love God, while loving others (even though I sometimes hate everyone).
Showing up for people when they need someone, even when it is hard or they don't deserve it.
Trying to chill on the drama.  And I might say this to my son more than anyone else.  Because so much toddler drama.
Lastly, resting in the truth that we live in a broken world, yet God is still on the throne.  That one I will be wrestling with until He calls me home and it all makes sense.  Until then I stand on that truth.

So print away.  Stick one on your mirror, your dashboard, jot a little note on the back and send it off old school style in the mail. 

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