I have a creative, joyful, beautiful friend named Ali (who has no idea that I totally stole her pic from Facebook.)
She is heading to Haiti on a building mission in March, and is using her heart and talents to raise funds to get her there.
I just grabbed myself one of her darling banners and it is happiness on a string.

My favorite projects involving burlap involve other people cutting it for me.
In my pretend life, I will invent a burlap that isn't messy or scratchy, go on Shark Tank to pitch it, Mark Cuban will give me a million dollars, and crafty people and Joann's employees everywhere will thank me.  Until then, I will let my friends be the burlap crafters.

Circling back to the point of this all... because I love Ali, and Haiti, and missions, if you purchase a banner from her shop Hatched from the Heart, I will send you the file to my newest rainbow heart happiness printable.

Add some love to your space and help send Ali to Haiti.

(Just email me a copy of your Etsy receipt and I will send the file your way.)


  1. I am allergic to burlap. Not joking. I am also allergic to tissue paper garlands. Joking. You are a good, kind friend. Not joking.

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