I am in this GLITTER ALL THE THINGS phase, all of them.
Especially golden silhouettes of my Golden State.
Or a golden reindeer turned Valentine's Day venison.
 (That was a good one Lena.) 

Ready to get sparkly?

Mod Podge (I prefer matte, it smells way less and is easier to work with than the other kinds)

Glitter (I have a major crush on the chunky kid craft aisle glitter right now.  The super fine Martha kind is lovely, but the cost and the cleanup of microscopic glitter dust is just exhausting.  Plus, what is more glittertastic than the old school gold?)

Big and small stiff paintbrushes

Some sort of simple shape or silhouette.
This project is quick, with a big impact.  You do not want to be fussily filling in a complicated scene.
Google your favorite thing (squirrel, narwhal, Darth Vader, cupcake, etc.) followed by the word silhouette and you should have a bunch to choose from.

I have a super low tech way to get your silhouettes the size you need.  I suppose that you could print them out and piece them together, but I am perpetually out of printer ink, and that just seems too complicated.

This is what I do instead:

Find the shape I want.
Zoom (Command + on a Mac.  Don't know and don't care what it is on a PC.  Sorry.) in on it until it is the size I need (even if it doesn't fit on my computer monitor), tape printer paper together, tape the paper to my monitor, and trace it directly from my monitor, scrolling down and moving the paper down accordingly.

Does that make sense?  My brain doesn't always translate things in normal human language.

Lastly, you need a pallet.  I make little ones up out of scraps from all of my other projects and have them ready to go when I need a quick gift, like thirty minutes before a party sort of quick gift.

If you have never made one before, this tutorial is much better than one I could write, and I love how she uses normal wood, which is what I do.  Breaking up a pallet is HARDCORE.  Plus you could totally make it without power tools.  Just don't sue me when you smash your thumb with a hammer.  I'll be to busy with my rad new nail gun.

Ready to glitter?
I promise you won't even believe how fast this goes.

 1.  Trace your shape.

 2.  Working in sections, quickly spread a thick, yet even coat of Mod Podge on the boards.  Use a bigger paintbrush for the insides, and a smaller brush for the details.
DUMP glitter on the glue, then repeat for the next section.

 3. So, so, so much glorious glitter.

If you hate glitter how stressed out are you right now?
So stressed.
You need to get over it.  Glitter is awesome.
But then again, if you hate glitter, there is no way you are even still reading.  
You are hiding in a corner chanting serenity now.
Sorry.  Send me your therapy bills.
I'll make them sparkle.

 4.  Let this blob of golden goodness dry for an hour or so.

 5.  Don't worry about the huge pile of glitter that fell through the cracks in the wood.  That is why brooms were invented.

 6.  Take your new sparkly sign outside and dump off the remaining glitter in a flower box that is bare and mocking your inability to keep any sort of plant alive.  Glitter is way more fun than needy plants anyway.  Your friends will be astounded and wonder how you are suddenly so rich, that even your dirt is made of gold.  They are totally going to hit you up for a loan, or expect you to treat them to Starbucks at the very least.

7.  Another grand option involves pouring it on your daughter's head.  Especially if her love language is glitter.  That and chocolate.  I like her.
Or, if you are all responsible, smart, frugal and such, carefully collect it and pour it back into the container.  Boring.

8.  If you are still a little stressed about the whole glitter might fall on all the things in your household deal, grab your hairspray and pretend like it's 1989 and your sign is going to prom.  A lot of hairspray goes a long way in gluing any rogue sparkles down.

That's it.
What in your life is begging for a little sparkle?


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  2. I like glitter. So long as it's new glitter and not smelly, old, vintage glitter. Dave likes it, too. Bye.

  3. I love glitter! So much to glitter, so little time. I don't like to wear glitter, but I love it on everything. If you're a paper crafter, Stampin' Up sells two sheets of glitter paper in a package. They are so beautiful they're really, really, really hard to use because all I want to do is sigh a happy sigh when I see them. But Valentine's day is coming up! My six year old daughter - tomboy in all ways - is happily very much a glitter and sparkle fan!

  4. Missed you and all your funny bunny-ness on the blog. You know how to sparkle.
    PS- Life is always always better with glitter.

  5. Love glitter! This is why we're internet friends, and I not so secretly want to meet you IRL!!

  6. Gorgeous! Now I am gonna go glitter something, thanks!

  7. I want to do this... I have no place to put any such pallet... therefore, I also need a mantel, which means I sort of need a fireplace...

    Gotta love when a little project gets out of hand, but I will find a way!

  8. i feel the need to glitter something. even though i think my husband has secretly proclaimed an unspoken glitter ban upon our household. maybe I'll test the waters ...

  9. LOVE!
    i want to glitter ALLTHETHINGS, too!

  10. yay! I've missed your posts...you just made my day! Love the glitter art and that picture of the darling girl with glitter in her eyelashes is the best! :)

  11. Pretty sure I love you right now. Going to glitter something for my wall... Hope the hubby doesn't mind...

  12. This is beautiful! I first caught the image of one eye (in the wood) looking at me from Nevada! Was that placement on purpose? So cute. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Your commentary on this post is hysterical. Almost better than the craft itself! I'm cracking up

  14. You. Totally. Crack. Me. Up. I love your blog posts, and your awesome sense of humor sprinkled throughout. That squirrel shirt on your darling daughter is BOSS!

  15. sooooo excited about all this glitter!!!

  16. Awww. thank you. i cannot wait to try it!!

  17. LOVE this!! I think I might have to give it a try.

  18. "Send me your therapy bills. I'll make them sparkle."


  19. my favorite part besides seeing your sweet end result was when you were totally tracking with my stress level at the glitter. but I did read on and try to wrap my controlly mind around it. chunky kind seems easier. but I would need to do a sparkly CA. if I tried to sparkelize MT, i'm sure it would naturally repel all glitter. MT is sort of proud of being the opposite of sparkly.

  20. Why didn't I ever think about tracing things off my computer monitor?! Genius.

  21. This is AMAZING! What a great idea, You are so talented and creative. I just love being inspired by your blog.

  22. awesome-slash-hilarious X 26. Almost makes me want to do it!!

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