A quick hello from one drowning in soccer and laundry and sweating from double T25 day...
I just want to have a quiet clean house because my imaginary maid works really hard and I pay her in cupcakes.  And I want to eat cupcakes while she cleans and puts away five thousand loads of laundry.  Oh, she answers emails too.  And works out for me.

But anyway...
I designed two new prints in an effort to drum up some cash money for two dear friends.
Care to add some encouragement to your walls and send some love to Emmy and Jilly?

The Blakelys are adopting again, and Emmy has such a heart for adoption, and infertility, and constantly comes alongside others as they grow their families with both encouragement and support.
I asked her what verse she is clinging to as they wait and navigate the surprising and rising costs and she immediately shared Exodus 14:14.
I love this verse, and too have held on to it in so many different seasons.
This print will add to their adoption fund as they wait to be matched with another child.
Read more about their journey HERE.
Purchase the printable HERE.

Jeannett is a friend with a huge heart, and a passion to fundraise for so many beautiful causes.
She just started a series on Epilipsy, which is close to her heart.
Her family, with the darling name of Team Jilly, will be participating in the Walk to End Epilepsy at the Rose Bowl on November 17.
She has opened a shop with the sole purpose of raising funds to help in the fight to end epilepsy.  So many amazing printables, bracelets, and shirts are available.
Read more about the fundraiser HERE.
Visit the shop HERE.

Shop.  Be encouraged.  Bake cupcakes. Ignore the laundry.  I am.

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