1.  Pam's Cheesecake.  Have you made it?  Because it is life changing.  I mean it.  Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Meg and Heather teamed up to make the most cheerful, darling recipe cards and coordinating printable, to help raise money to send Pam and her family back to Liberia.  So amazing.
Perfect too, since when you make the cheesecake, everyone who has a bite will ask you for the recipe.  You can have the cards on hand, share Pam's story, and invite your people to pray for the Buller's ministry across the ocean.  Visit Meg's shop here.

Keeping him off the field is very easy.  And relaxing.  OR THE OPPOSITE OF THAT.

2.  Soccer.  All day errrrrrday.  I know this is normal.  I know lots of people have way crazier schedules than we do.  But it just seems like too much.  It was a summer of late dinners and loose bedtimes.  Sunset watching and burrito eating at the beach.  Lazy mornings.  Swimming all day.  PB&J picnics on the lawn.  Now it is hair brushing, uniform washing, homework rushing, early dinners, and our family not all together each night.  Does it get easier?  Or is this how it is forever and ever and ever if you have kids in sports?  Because it seems harder than it should be.

I want more of this.  Less of the other stuff.

3.  Also hard? Having to make tough and unpopular decisions when it comes to soccer interfering with church commitments.  I honestly was unprepared to have to make the choice to miss either school or soccer at this early of an age level.  We want to make a foundation that church comes before sports, even when it seems completely opposite from what everyone else around us is doing.

4.  Soccer conflicts might lead the eating of feelings, for which may I suggest these Samoa TrufflesElizabeth brought them to Bev's Pinterest Party and OH MY is all I have to say.  OH MY.

5.   This.  Too much.  When Grover calls him David.  My heart...

6.  Hi-low dresses (or as I call them, mullet dresses) stop the madness.  I mean SERIOUSLY.  Stop the madness.  They are cute on like 0.00000000001% of people, of which I AM NOT ONE. 
 Related- cat leggings.  In space.  No words.

7.  So I guess Fall is here. Or the PSL is at least.  Read this.  Because YES.

8.  The new Pioneer Woman cookbook comes out next month.  Time to start planning another potluck.  Also, the Dr. Pepper Pork might get us through a crock pot filled soccer season.

9.  Last month was CuppaKim's mug swap and I hit the jackpot.
Leslie was my partner and spoiled me rotten.

She also lovingly doodled all of my least favorite things, which makes her my most favorite.  I mean...

I sent treats Natalie's way and am smitten by the lens through which she views her life.  So much of this suburban girl, with fake grass in our backyard, longs for nature and wildness and gardening and quiet.   Sigh.
Natalie, want to trade houses for like ever?
(Pic swiped from Natalie's gorgeous blog.)
See how I need this green in my life? And goats.  And not killing every plant I own.
Mug from World market.  Knit cozy from my friend Lena who uses her shop to raise funds for forever homes in South Africa

10.  This month Emmy hosted a hoop swap to help raise funds for their adoption.  Genius I say.  She paired me up with her BFF and I might have treat her to Nordstrom Cafe for that hookup.

 Megan made two beautiful hoops that are just so perfectly lovely.

 I sent some sunshine to the other side of the country to Terri Lynne.

Little things like these swaps connect people in such small and beautiful ways.
I am looking forward to the garland exchange next.  Garlands are my love language.  I mean right underneath jalapeno Cheetos, obviously.

11.  Speaking of Emmy, the Blakely fundraiser print is still available through the weekend.  I need to put my shop on vacation mode for a while, so grab it while you can.  There are also a few more Hello Postcard sets left and they are going fast. 

Until later...


  1. Let me say, having twins rules on the sports front. RULES!! It is the gift you get for growing two babies in your stomach when humans are meant to only gestate one baby.

    They always play on the same sports team. One sport per season. I could go on and on about how it is awesome. Soon enough they will want to play different sports and then we will be screwed but for now it is awesome.

    Will be purchasing cheese cake cards pronto.

  2. sigh. Space cat leggings are awful, but have you also seen the Disney inspired leggings?? We were at the D a few weeks ago and all I could see for miles were tween girls sporting these monstrosities as PANTS. That's right. Not even a long t-shirt to ease my eyeballs. Each character/scene was so grossly misshapen I had to look at least twice. ick.
    Fast forward to last week. While I was minding my business at the mall I strolled past Hot Topic. And THEY are the enablers in all this!! Figures. I had no idea who sold these, and of course in that minute I hated Hot Topic. Obvs whoever dreamt these up is in by no means innocent, but they should only size them for little girls!

  3. those leggings. whoa.
    also, i'm expecting an invite to that pw potluck party ;)

  4. I always leave your posts happy, happy! Thank you for sharing!! I really need to get in on that garland swap, but first I need to make a few that are on my imaginary "craft to do" list!! HELP PLEASE!!??

    Soccer does get easier and harder as they grow. I have a daughter who loves the Lord with her whole heart and plays Academy level u13 sharing her faith with those that know Him and those that don't! It's hard at times, but we have embraced the seasons as they come, one at a time.

    Blessings to you and your sweet family!
    Happy Fall!!

  5. I feel your pain! We have 4 kids and last year was our initiation into the world that is kid's soccer (can I just say that "soccer people" are a valid subculture?!) It was so rotten for ME! I honestly felt at times that it was evil! OK, that just sounds crazy, because cute kids getting great exercise and doing a team sport they love, how could that be evil? But ... frazzled Momma running kids to different places everyday of the week and family dinner, family time in general, down the tanker... YUCK! Plus, keeping the 2 year old off the fields, out of the parking lots, and from ginormous, public melt downs = NOT FUN! Plus, my Matilda Jane skirts and boots .... well, let's just say every Saturday I spent at the soccer fields game watching felt like I was back in middle school and not invited to eat at the cool kid's table! I don't think I fit in with the cool soccer crowd! Lonely! And petty. And lame! (when your in your mid 30's for crying out loud!) Whatever happened to Sandlot (but for soccer?). You know, kids getting together from 3 till dinner to play a pick up game at the park? We're trying it again, but I am trying to go into it with a joyful attitude this year (plus, skipping conflicting practice/games without guilt and sending the hubby to all rainy/long game days while I snuggle the little one at home! LOL!) If you figure out a magical answer, do share! ~Amber in Oregon. :)

  6. Garland exchange??!! Yes please!! Who? How? When? Help!

  7. I'm bawling at Sesame Street. Just sayin'.

  8. Would you do a swap with someone from Europe? :)

  9. My oldest daughter is not quite three and her buddies are already beginning the soccer madness. I am looking the other way and instead playing a game with her called Hall Ball, which is exactly what it sounds like. And oh, DAVE. I saw that clip, I may have recorded it on my phone and posted it via Instagram. Wishing you some fun, and peace and the good kind of crazy amongst the soccer madness : )

  10. #2....this is how it is when your kids are in sports/activities. At least until school ball starts. Which for us is in the 8th grade. All I can say is PLAN AHEAD!! Crockpot meals are a life saver!! Packing snacks and waters is also a must. I feel like pulling my hair out from August til the middle of November because my oldest son plays football. And my youngest loves baseball so I have a feeling from March til June will be busy too. I definitely enjoy our time off and our time together!

  11. Are we keeping it real here? We help my brother with our 2 nieces ages 13 and 15. They attend dance school and have practice at varying times every Monday through Thursday from 5:00 - 8:00 (at the earliest pickup) and 5:00- 9:30 (for the latest pickup). that doesn't include school activities that they are a part of. It's good for them, keeps them active, out of trouble, etc. BUT it's a LOT. It it easier now that they are older and we can drop them off at practice and leave but it's still a lot of juggling and missed family time.
    And you're right - there are people that have it crazier and tougher than we do but that doesn't make your struggle, frustration, and longing for normalcy any less important. Your struggle is your struggle.
    Good luck navigating it - As for the church vs soccer struggle A teacher of mine used to say "The right choice is often not the popular choice. Do what's right for you. At the end of the day you answer to yourself not the popular crowd." Sad that the statement is true but it really is. You just have to do what is right for you and your family.

  12. In the midst of all the running is there ever time to hear that still small voice? (Asking myself, also.)

  13. Julie - thank you for linking to the PSL blog. Absolutely hilarious! I also can't help but feel bitter rage when it is 97 degrees here and I know people in other states are enjoying their crisp, cool weather and wearing cute sweaters and boots. Also, no to the high-low dresses but an odd yes to the space cats leggings. Saw them at Target and for some reason was bizarrely drawn to them. Just wouldn't wear them in public. Take care!

  14. Those truffles are the best kind of trouble. Glad I got to share them with you :)

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