We are surviving summer.
The weekly schedule is causing STRESS (we have had to stray from it about every single day).
The daily schedule is saving me from descending into mean mom.
Thinking that we need to go the dry erase marker route with the weekly one.  Except I just don't have it in me to go to Costco right now.  Or the laminating store.  I just do not.
The kids are happiest if the day involves outside and water.  So we have been outside and in the water nearly every second of every day.  I am already on the fourth bottle of sunscreen.
These are the moments I hope they remember when they look back on their childhoods.
Because their childhoods are pretty dang rad.


  1. does your back hate you when you wear him in the ergo? my little is a few weeks younger than shane and i've not thought to carry her in it. And your summer looks amazing.

  2. Their summer is amazing. :) You are giving them awesome memories!

  3. You are so good.. How do manage everythin? You are one super MOM...
    Love your enthusiasm...Happy times..

  4. Great pics! I'm guilty of always saying "smile for the camera" and taking a posed shot....but your pics remind me that there is beauty in perspective and capturing the moment. Keep up the good work, mama...both in summer fun and photography!!!!!

  5. I haven't commented here in forevs (sorry.) Can not get over how cute your kiddos are. And you, my friend, look FABULOUS! xo

  6. you are an amazing mom, and VERY beautiful too!
    i totally want to come and hang out.
    also, FOUR bottles of sunscreen already!?!
    that's insane in my membrane!
    happy fourth!

  7. it looks like you guys are having a great summer!

  8. Water, sunscreen, outside. Yes, yes, and yes.

    And I bet they'll remember. It's too good not to.

  9. Putting paper into a clear page protector = instant dry erase sheets! It's how we roll in Canada :)

  10. These pics make me so happy....and so want you to adopt me!!!! I wanna be a cool mom...teach me darnit!!;)