So school got out.
YAY.  Because I have been totally this mom.
Then again, I'm also this mom who is freaking out at the sheer number of children that I need to entertain for days and days and days.
I ate a lot of feelings worth of Cheetos today.  A lot a lot.

I have wanted summer more than anything, and now that it is here I sort of can't breathe.  We have little on the calendar that we had last summer (adios to most of the camps/vbs/vacations) just blank square after blank square.
Blank squares are a little scary to this accustomed to being very busy family.

Last summer we had a loose daily schedule for the days that we were home, and it worked very well for my needs-to-know-everything-in-advance child, as well as my needs-to-ask-me-all-day-long-what-is-next child.  This summer a schedule is mandatory.  For their security and for my sanity.  We also needed a weekly activity schedule to better navigate the blank squares.

I had them printed at Costco (which somehow I braved with all four of the little ones, fed them in the food court, which has Pepsi not Coke HAPPY DAY, found Puddle Jumpers for cheap, got gas, and brought everyone home alive) and have a feeling that ten thousand times a day I will be pointing them to the schedule.  Somehow though, sending them to the schedule is much better than having to say no to their requests.  Less saying no means less drama.  Less drama means less Cheeto eating.

Lets see how it goes.  Lets see if I can breathe tomorrow.

In case you are going a little crazy and this sort of schedule might help your family's sanity, I made blank versions that you can download here.

They are sized as 11x14 and the text can easily be added in PicMonkey, or throw it in a frame or laminate it and use a dry erase marker to make it changeable, or heck, just go with a sharpie.
Whatever is less stressful for you.


  1. love this. cuteness & organization are my favorite.

  2. My girls are the same way! They need some direction from me or they turn on each other...less than awesome. There's definitely social adjustment to the "group" when the oldest is home all day.

    Schedules make me happy, too!

  3. Thank you for this inspiration. I'm a loosey goosey when it comes to schedules. But I have a "needs to know what's happening next" kinda kid, like you. So, this might be just the ticket for us. Here's wishing you a great summer with your kiddos.

  4. Nothing to do with this post...even though it's fab...but I opened an email from OshKosh, only to see your little beauty smiling at me! You have seriously beautiful littles :)

  5. I really really super love your honesty in all of your posts. Even if it isn't always a big part of a particular post. I am SOOOOOO tired of reading blogs about those who trek all their "littles" (I can't even begin to tell you how much I loathe that term in relation to children!!) to summer 'festivals' wearing white pants and heels, or talking about their homes like they're the only ones who can decorate, or just whatever! People, please.


    Apparently I need to sift through my blog roll.

    Anyway, at least moving from WA back to SoCal isn't on your list. It's on ours and I'd take someone else's summer list any day of the week right about now!

  6. So. My Nana loves it when I make your "brinner" for her for dinner (we visit once a week & bring dinner). She's 85 & I thought you might like to know that an awesome lady in Dallas is a fan:). Also. From a mama weary of summers too full & tearily looking at your summer schedule wishing ours could reflect some sort of repetition & simplicity, thanks for reminding me to be grateful for where I am. Seasons come & go, & I can make the best of them & be thankful. Love your blog.

  7. I love this. My kiddos can't read yet, but I'm still gonna do it.

  8. First of all - I fell out of my chair about the homework folder. Out. of. my. chair.

    Love you. Oh. there is no second of all. It's summer.

  9. hello, brilliant!
    i have a daughter who is ALWAYS asking what is next.
    also, i already bought a family size bag of cheetos and nearly ate them all.

  10. Super cute idea!!!

    My schedule is now determined by their sports (ugh) but I used to have "free" Summer's and struggle to fill the days. Now I miss that :(

    I found a lot of free/cheap stuff in our area for little ones like the Regal tues/wed movie mornings ($1). free library reading programs with entertainment (puppet shows, magicians, etc)...and you can earn free kids meals if you fill out reading logs, Ladera water park (free) and you can borrow my card whenever you want and on desperate days...spending 2 hours at Toys R Us...just playing with their toys :)


  11. 1. You are awesome.
    2. Thank you for introing me to Hatmaker. I have never laughed so much at my computer.

    Jessie @PossibleMary

  12. This is why you are my favorite. SAME BRAIN.

  13. I think that this is a great idea. I love the notepads that you have used because they are wonderful. I love the green color and the design on them. I really might steal this idea.

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