So this is super simple.
If you can use scissors, you can totally figure it out.
Indulge me though.  I am the kind of person that likes to figure things out, AND really likes when other people figure things out for me.

I made one for the Favorite Things Party, and one last year for Christmas (but I couldn't find it this year, so I ended up making a map garland instead.  Next year the map one will inevitably go missing and something else will take it's place.)

Shall we begin?
You need:
Cardstock (you know from that one time that you used to scrapbook..)
Paper cutter
Hole punch
Twine, yarn, or braided unicorn mane
Pencil with a good eraser

Figure out how many letters you need, choose the number of pieces of paper accordingly.
Cut each piece of paper into a 4x6 inch rectangle

Lay out the rectangles in a color order that makes you the least crazy.

Turn over each paper and write the corresponding letter on the top.

Sketch out each letter BACKWARDS on the back of each paper.
You can totally do this on the front, but my letters always end up a hot mess until I finally settle on how I want them to look.  When it is on the back, you don't have to erase.

HOWEVER, there is no chance in the world that I can make an non-hideous backwards S, so I lightly draw the S on the front of the paper, and gently erase the crazy parts.

I like the handmade, a bit sloppy, a little crazy, look of the letters.  I don't bother with cutting out the insides of letters (like R, O, A) because that is annoying.  Crafting shouldn't be annoying. If you are an OCD perfectionist, this might not be the garland for you.  Or it might be forced therapy to help you CHILL OUT a bit...

Cut out.
String on the twine (unicorn mane, etc.)

Hang up.
Then end.


  1. Great idea! I just can't get enough of cute banners and keep finding reasons to make them. : ) You might like this site I found the other day. She has FREE printables for the whole alphabet in BANNERS. Yay!!!! I made her LOVE banner. Super cute! http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2012/10/free-printable-whole-alphabet-banner.html

  2. so cute! and I agree cutting our the R, O, A is so annoying don't do it! :)

  3. YES! I've been looking for something to do with the braided unicorn mane I've been holding on to. This is just the thing!

    Seriously, though, I love love double love banners of all varieties. I should totally make this.

  4. Awesome. And I am way OCD, so not sure if I could handle having the insides not cut out. But that's reason for therapy, not yours. ;-)

  5. love this post! made me laugh and inspired my creativity. i will be making one!

  6. love this! can you do a DIY for chalkboards?

  7. awesome... i just happen to have a bit of unicorn mane left over! sa-weet

  8. Love this- especially the "He is risen indeed" chalk words.
    Also, totally random, but I live in Sydney, Australia and I just heard the OC Supertones on our Christian radio station here! When the DJ announced the track title and band name, I immediately thought- Hey, that's Julie's husband's band!

  9. Why are there not tissue pom garlands encorporated?? I'm a little disappointed. Happy Easter, friend. Lets ROLL.

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