What seems like forever ago, I had just began sewing, and I had two little girls who loved to dress alike.  Each holiday they had matching everything.
These pumpkin dresses hold a very special place in my heart.

Come take a walk down Halloween lane with me.
I can hardly remember them that little.
My heart cannot take it.

I do not want to talk about it.

Maybe my favorite picture I have ever taken of these three.
Bald baby.  
She is just too much.  That face.

A small boy joined our land of pink.

The littlest dress has seen it's last Halloween.

Time moves on.
Kids grow too fast.
Maybe that is why I hold on to these little traditions, my feeble attempt to remember the moments that too quickly fade away.  Much too quickly.


  1. Oh but that cute pumpkin fabric would make cool trick or treat swag bags for them all for future years. Recently on her 10th birthday, my daughter decided to watch old camcorder footage of her and her younger sister and brother. I also could barely remember the younger ones at the various stages - it's heart wrenching - so glad to have those films. Sorry to mention it, but the missing year - at least you have the blog to record so much. I don't blog but keep telling myself I should for that very reason.

  2. Lots of cuteness in this post... what a full heart you must have looking on your precious blessings!

  3. Oh, how I LOVE this post and those sweet pumpkin dresses. What sweet memories you have of those precious little ladies in those dresses! :)

    You should totally make little man a bow tie {or regular tie} out of that fabric for next years picture! :)

    Here's to soaking up all of those special moments, for they are truly gone much too fast.


  4. How cute is this... Love the little kids.. they all are so cute..

  5. Lovely love. I had just started stopping by Joy's Hope when you posted the 3 girls pic and I was smitten with the dresses. I made a candy corn one for my l'il gal this year ;)...she'll wear it until she's 40 if I have anything to do with it.

  6. what a sweet little faces. looks like you had a wonderful night!

  7. awh how sweet, maybe each girl can one day hand down each one of the dresses or maybe Shane will have a daughter :)

  8. If you need new little girls to wear those dresses...I know two sister who love to match as well. :)

  9. Hi Julie, Your family is adorable. I wish I could freeze time especially when it comes to my children! It's why I'm writing to you. Awhile back, you shared a Mumford and Sons video of I Will Wait. I loved it, I watched it more than once, got it stuck in my head., hThen a Facebook friend put it on Facebook, and I watched it again, which prompted me to buy the cd. Meanwhile, my five year old son would ask me to play it in the van. Totally willing right? My five year old daughter started asking my husband to play it, but he didn't know what they were referring to (they totally sing the chorus and play air instruments). Then my husband who in his earlier life was in a heavy metal cover band heard the song, and now our whole family, whether car, van, or house will sing. Powerful. Thank you!

  10. P. S. My family already has Fresh Beat Band tickets for next weekend (I know you're sooo jealous), but Mumford and Sons is having a giveaway to see them play in LA for some kind of tribute on Facebook. So apply, and I'll cross my fingers that you win!

  11. oh man. i love those dresses. so much. sweet and vintage and just adorable. your girls are lovely. have you done a tutorial on these dresses? i would love that....i clearly need to be making these for ruby.