I feel a bit ripped off.
We don't really have Fall here.  It stays pretty warm until Thanksgiving, and it is hard for me to decorate the house all warm and cozy when it is hot and windy outside.
But, I am doing my best to embrace this fake season and add a little Autumn to our days.
If you haven't tried Scrapblog yet, you are missing out.  I made this little treat in less than a minute.  Then I saved it as a JPEG, sent it off to Costco to print and poof!  Halloween cards.

Wait... are you thinking that I might need a little spell check for my signs?
This might only be charming to me, in the way that stories about what kids say are usually only charming to their parents, but indulge me.
I love the word SPOOKY.  I call most scary Halloween things "spooky" in a silly voice so Halley and Lucy are distracted by the creepy gore in front of them.
Lucy suddenly started calling every single Halloween related item "SMOOKY".
Let's be honest, "smooky" is one of the best words ever invented.
So at Target she spotted these candy pumpkins and asked if she could have some "smooky candy".  After I nearly fell over laughing, I bought the bag of pumpkins and decided right then and there that I needed to make a sign to commemorate the phrase.

If you are feeling crafty head on over to Hostess with the Mostess for instructions on how to make these fab paper pumpkins.  I bet even your kids would want to help out.

My old neighborhood was filled with young families and each Halloween we would "Boo" each other.  It is a fun tradition and Simply Mein has great downloads and instructions on how you can start it where you live.

Now we are surrounded by empty nesters, but I am tempted to see if they might want to join in on the festivities anyway.  


  1. Your sign is great! I love it! Cute story, too!

  2. It may not feel like fall there, but at least you don't have to cover yourself and your whole costume, lest you freeze your hiney off! When we were in IL, we had to manage to stay warm and have cool costumes, but that was a little tricky at times!

  3. we have funny words like that here too.
    everything that was anytime before today is "last night" in annie's world. like even 3 years ago....that's last night. and if anything is tomorrow it's "after bedtime". :)

    i love that cute pumpkin. i think we need to make soem holiday crafts.
    i am feelin' craty today.
    and i have NEVER tried scrapblog. hmmmm....it may be a new obsession. your page is perfect incentive to get me over there.
    have a wonderful weekend julie.
    and thank you for sharing your story of joy. it was a beautiful example of giving God glory through your pain and accepting his hope. it was heartbreaking but so lovely too.
    she was one special girl!

  4. Love the sign! Kids can come up with so many things to make us laugh...

    I think I am going to just have to "Boo" someone since I live in the country I am going to do it at my friends home...this sounds like fun!

  5. I vote smooky wins over spooky hands down.

    Said by a mom who has started calling the sippy a "bissy" and Thomas the Tank Engine, Emily.

    'Cause that's how my Monkey sees the world!

  6. Thanks for all the great ideas! I made a Halloween picture on scrap blog too....I want to order prints like you ....did you pick yours up yet? Did they look good? :)

  7. This is always a HUGE hit in our city! Everyone does it. But, we have never been booed!!!

  8. What a cute post! So full of FUN ideas and just made me happy to read it!! I too feel a bit ripped off! Here it is October 20 and well over 90 degrees!! AHH! Does that seem very fallish?! Trying to make the most of it though! I know we won't be here forever so I just have to remind myself of that...several times a day right now because I am so sick and tired of the heat!!

    Thanks for sharing all of this fall fun though! It is nice to dream about cooler weather!!