The hottest month.
42 mile goal.
Craving air conditioning.  Not sweating.
Falling off the MyFitnessPal wagon.
However, because of my stubborn nature, the dumb goal was met.

Every single mile included gobs of children.
Every single mile somebody cried.
Often multiple somebodies cried.

2.2 of those miles involved a very sweaty, very angry, 25 pound, beastly baby in the Ergo, because I accidentally left the stroller at home in the garage.  That was all kinds of delightful for my marginally healed, three kids got sliced out of me, c-section scar.

But in the midst of the crying, the drama, they got outside.  They got their wiggles out.  They are entering soccer season more prepared than they have ever been before. 

Let me just tell you, we are quite the spectacle on our adventures.  Lately we have been walking on a trail frequented by lovely retired folks and their pampered pooches.  Lovely retired folks who are not used to seeing multiple double strollers and lines and lines of small children walking/ running/ crying/ fighting.

As they see us coming, we can see their minds counting all of the small bodies in our care.  They usually greet us with a polite, yet stressed out YOU HAVE YOUR HANDS FULL!!!
Yes.  Yes we do.  Our sweaty hands are very full.  Full of awesome.

I also didn't get new shoes.
After heeding the overwhelming advice to go to a running store and be fitted, I decided to wait.
You see, the thought of having to run in front of the running store dude so he could figure out my stride or whatever is AWKWARD.  Hauling four wild children into the store with me as I have to run for the dude?  NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. 

Since August meant I had zero by yo'self time, It also meant that I had zero run awkwardly for the dude by yo'self time.

Maybe this month. 

This months goal is 44 miles.  Today is the 6th.  My current tally is a gigantic goose egg.  A big old zilchy zilch.  I want to stay in and bake something.  It's hot outside.  But September is in for it.  Watch out.  Sweating to commence this evening.

I want a cupcake.


  1. Oh man I love your writing style! It makes me smile!

    Congrats on meeting your goal in August! I hope you're able to get new runners soon!

  2. "Every single mile somebody cried."

    Thanks for this - you just inspired me to get out and take the walk I wanted to take this afternoon. I'd been dragging my heels because my son will whine the whole time and my baby might cry in the stroller. But we need to go. It will be good for us! Next up is a get-back-into-running mileage goal of my own!

  3. I made the "running store trip" recently. He only made me walk awkwardly in front of him. The rest the nifty little machine did. And I can say that my shins, feet, knees, etc. are happy that I shelled out some bucks and got some new shoes.

  4. You know how when you fly with someone, you earn double miles? I am pretty sure this rule should apply to you. I am amazed you do this with children!

    I ran in a relay marathon this labor day, my part was 6.5 miles. I cried for like 2 of really I did, some guy even gave me ibuprofen in hopes I would stop crying. Sometimes you just have to.

  5. Love the picture! Thanks for sharing. Good luck on your mileage goal for September!!!!

  6. Keep on Rockin'! I am running 12 miles on Saturday to get ready for the 1/2 marathon on the 22nd. 1/2 Marathon should be renamed because 13.1 miles should NOT be half of ANYTHING!! It's crazytown and I kinda got addicted to it.
    Oh, and if you know how you wear most shoes out you don't need fancy man with machine in running store. Just check out runners world or the recommendations on pinterest for how you wear your shoes out.

  7. "Full of awesome." Amen!!!!!!!! :)

  8. This makes me like you more, Julie Carson! It's too bad we don't live closer- we could endure drama together... Or just go get cupcakes.

  9. Can I just tell you that I love that font? :)

    ..Font snobs unite.

  10. You don't have to go run in front of someone at a store.I believe asics has a section on their site where you can wet the bottom of your foot with water and "stamp" it onto a piece of paper and compare the shape and arch of your foot with the shoe style they recommend. In my humble opinion there's no better running shoe than an asic.

  11. 15.31. Boo. And that includes the time map my run may or may not have given us extra credit. Way to go, mama!

  12. My Fitness Pal Who?
    I haven't seen her in weeks.
    Glad I'm not alone.

  13. oh girl, thank you. this is encouraging. i am trying to get my booty in gear and run this baby weight off. i would like to stop looking pregnant....since you know....i haven't been pregnant in a year. also i like carbs. and sugar. but they don't like me. i currently sweat my face off on our treadmill in the garage...while watching friday night lights with the subtitles on. i would prefer outside...but i might die if i had to push a stroller as well. you are a rock star. happy weekend.

  14. Way to Go!! I know I fubd myself making excuses not to run because of my kids. But you have motivated me to do it no matter what. Here's to "having my hands full!"

  15. I love this, Julie! Thank you so much for always sharing your life with us- ups and downs on this blog! You have inspired me in more ways than one! I started walking Shayla to school every day- which is only just less than a mile from our house, but I figure- it's better than nothing! Keep on, Keeping on girl!

  16. GET IT JULES!!! So proud of you, it's not even funny.
    You, however, very funny. And my fave.

  17. I had to run on one of those treadmills, in front of those salesmen. And if that wasn't mortifying enough, they made me WATCH myself on the big screen IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE, so we could all analyze my ankles, arches and legs together.
    It scarred me fo life!

  18. one of those salesmen only made me walk. i don't run...there's too much bouncing...i don't run. shoes did make a big improvement in my comfort. i had to sell a kid to buy them though.

    44 miles. envy. i've had an injured ankle since march (was just walking, then ouch. i'm icing as i comment). and now my youngest has an injured ankle. i will be seeing zilcho miles for a long time...unless i take a stroll with shane. that'd give the fancy pooch lovers something to comment about.

  19. I didn't want to get a gait analysis either and my husband STRONGLY urged me (read bullied) to do it. Turns out I just had to walk and they could tell form that. I've found that the running community in general is very supportive and nonjudgmental. Swallow that pride and get yourself some good running shoes! It'll make the mileage easier and keep you from getting injured!

  20. GO YOU!!!!! {And can I say, I love the picture haha!!} I can barely venture out in the muggy OC heat to walk to pick up my son from school. Ugh. Too hot! Plus, I'm pregnant. I'll use that excuse to stay inside in the air conditioned house for as loooong as I can. I wish I was out there walking though- you are inspiring!!!! :) :)
    xoxox Holly