Happy August!

It's been a...
 new highchair sitting,

 donut eating,

 everything within reach destroying,

 cousin celebrating,

 Radiator Springs visiting,


 bacon cupcake baking,

 swimmy swimming,

 fun mail receiving,

 sky partying,

 school shoes shopping,

 tea partying,

 sunset hiking,

 snacky snacking,

 surprise finding,

42 mile adventuring,

adventure filled, few weeks.


  1. Party! This is what I think every week when I read your posts. Your life seems so fun, rich, happy, and like a huge party! You make even disasterous trips of failed flip flops, flat tires, no sleep, and whatever else seem like FUN! Crazy for sure but loads of fun! It is because you truly radiate the love of Jesus and trying to be REJOICING instead of complaining! Thank you for your JOY!

  2. Woohoo! $20 bucks! That would have made my week!

  3. First of all, my son Pax would die to go to Radiator springs!!!! Second your comment about the everything within reach destroying made me laugh!!! Welcome to the world of boys! They are from a different planet I tell ya! They are awesome tho, I love it!

  4. awww... sweetness. i love seeing your pictures!

  5. Bacon cupcakes- so rad, your fam- so cute, $20.00- so thoughtful! Have a great week!

  6. Love the last picture!

    Random question...what kind of hair straightener do you use?

    Hope your enjoying the last bit of summer!

  7. looks like a great time!

  8. bacon cupcakes? uh uh. nooo way.

    tell your i made 76 cents from the laundry fairy last week. your dish fairy is better.

  9. These are great photos... you have beautiful children... I (and my children) prefer non-matching socks ... and I love, love, love postagram.