So, yes, the Diet Pepsi solution was quite random and unexpected.
How did I arrive at it?
Great question.

Honestly, I was SO OVER it.  So done with taking way too many showers, using way too much Dawn,  looking way too hot mess greasy everyday.

I was really open to any suggestions.

Crystal, a wealth of random knowledge, (the solver of my crayon quilt catastrophe), suggested Diet Coke.

This didn't sound weird to me, since I remember the email that circulated a while ago saying the things that Coke can do...
The main thing I remember from it, is how cops carry it in their trunks to clean blood off asphalt.  If it can get blood off the street, for sure it can get Clear out of my hair, right?  (The blood theory was a hoax, apparently.  But it can clean a mean toilet ring, plus a lot of other crazy things.)

Back to the Diet Coke...
Since I have been really, really good at my whole quitting of the Diet Poison thing, I didn't have any in the house.  I am not to be trusted with it.  My rules for DP rehab, are: only from a fountain, only at Wahoo's.  Rules that have been occasionally broken at Chick-fil-a with a Diet Dr. Pepper, but that is another story...

I decided to try Diet Pepsi, in the chance that if it didn't work, I could at least wallow in my jacked up hair misery, enjoying the rest of the bottle.

I didn't have high hopes, but after an afternoon swim, I gave it a try.
Sparkling unicorns, soared over rainbows that day.
For the first time in nearly a month my hair felt normal.

Was Diet Pepsi the answer I had been looking for?  Or was it the culmination of everything that I had already tried?  Who knows.  I will be forever grateful either way.

Oh, by the way, guess who called me at 7:45 a.m. Saturday?
Yep.  Clear.
Really?  Now they call?  NOW????

Guess who is allowed to call me before 9:00 on the ONE DAY OF THE WEEK THAT IS WRITTEN IN THE FAMILY SCHEDULE that mom gets to sleep in?
If my house is burning down, don't call me.  Call the fire department.  They can wake me up with their axes at the door.

Yep.  Not cool Clear.  Not cool.  


  1. Wow, yeah...great timing on their part. I must admit that your hair has been a memorable part of my 2012. :)
    And I was super excited to see you in Jess's sneak peek photo shoot. I was like "I know those girls!" You look beautiful(clean hair and all):)

  2. Ugh, congrats to you. I CAN NOT quit the DP...I've tried, help!

  3. Yay YOU!!! Yay Diet Pepsi! BOOOOOOO Clear!

  4. So, did Clear have any suggestions for you? Did you tell them what you had to do to get their nasty product out of your hair? :)

    Did they at least offer to refund your money?

  5. totally.boycotted.Clear! 7:45A.M. Saturday.........RUDE!!!!