I am a believer that quilts should be used.  They should be loved.  That with each washing they get better.  
They are for taking to the beach, picnicking in the park, cuddling on the couch, taking perfect family photos where everyone smiles and looks at the camera and no three year olds are freaking out because their little brother is trying to touch them.

Know what they are not for?
Cheap restaurant crayons in the hot sun.

Case in point.  Morning in the park.  Four kids.  Three sets of crayons.  
The freaking out of the three year old with the brother trying to touch her has nothing on the mother who sees the carnage of the dumb (cuss) crayons all over her beloved, heirloom, irreplaceable, made with love and care, by Target on clearance, rainbow quilt.

The mother who put it in the garage for a month as to not deal with it because she felt just like this about it.
The mother who wanted to sue the maker of the dumb melt to liquid in 80º weather crayons, but instead reached out to the genius crayon removal service Google.

Dumb Google told me to put a paper bag on top of the crayon stains and iron them.

If 80º weather can melt crayons, imagine what an iron can do.

 So she took her case to the real human problem solver, Instagram.
Lots of ideas were thrown around.  Lots involving trips to the store to buy things like WD-40 and GooGone.
But one safer, ingredient is already in the pantry, solution caught her eye.
Crystal suggested a paste of baking soda, then a cold water wash.

Baking soda commenced.
Washing machine spin concluded.

The verdict?
Gone.  All of the spots magically, brilliantly, gloriously, disappeared.
All but the ones that the stupid iron set in. Those however, faded enough for me to live with.

 It is now back in it's rightful home, awaiting guests.  Guests who don't come armed with cheap crayons.


  1. You got that beautiful quilt at Target? On Clearance!? I am so envious. I'm glad it all worked out sufficiently for you. I hate it when things I love get ruined.

  2. We have that quilt on both my girls' twin beds. We love love love it, except we do not love that one has threads that come loose and out. For some reason the 5 yr olds quilt has several of the embroidery (or whatever is stiched loosly along top) threads that have come out.

  3. Wow, great to hear that there is something that will take out melted crayons. The quilt is beautiful. Several summers ago, I took a quilt-making class. I made my first and only (so far) quilt. I used dark toned homespun and hand appliquéd oak leaves on each corner. It went beautifully in my sons room with a dark green picket headboard. It had been on his bed about 1 week, when he took out a sword (we go to Renaissance Festivals) to show his cousin. They rested the sword point on the bed and made a lovely hole in the quilt! At this time it is stitched to prevent more tearing. Someday, I will appliqué another leaf over the hole and then more across the quilt.-SOMEDAY.

  4. I love that quilt.
    Glad it has survived.

  5. Aw, glad it worked out.

    When my hubby and I were 21 and living together for the first time. He threw a pair of pants into the drawer to de-wrinkle them. forgetting he had, had a Sharpie Marker in it. Oh, boy that was a mess. We lost a good many clothes that day, mostly mine.

  6. That quilt is gorg! i love it! And the quote from 1 Peter is precious!

  7. If your quilt ever needs company, keep me posted. Kay? Kay.

  8. hi! i'm new to your super cute blog :)
    oh, I would have been devastated too.
    that quilt is much too pretty to have it ruined
    by the cheapy crayons but i'm glad the rainbow
    quilt story ended on a happy note.
    all is well again.
    i recently got into instagram and love. love it.
    i'll look you up if you don't mind.
    i need more distractions in my day so as to avoid
    doing dishes and laundry :)

  9. Yay! Crystal-the-melted-crayon-quilt-saver!!!!

  10. I quilt and I'm so surprised that was from Target! Love it. Who needs to go to all that work when something that cute is on clearance. lol So glad baking soda paste worked! : )

  11. Glad you were able to save it. I just killed my son's birthday shirt in the wash due to evil color bleeding brown shorts. Any tips on that one? ::Sigh::

  12. Awesome... so glad you found a way to save your beautiful quilt! Maybe I should try baking soda paste on my fav Costco cheap navy & white sweater that just came out of the wash with dark blue bleed-ins on the white. (Hung it to dry - in case I can get the stains out.)

  13. made with love, by Target. I cracked up laughing!! Don't ever let those dumb (cuss) crayons get in your dryer! Took me HOURS to clean my dryer.

  14. I just thought you should know that while I am a blog-stalker of yours, it's time to let it be known that I love the way you write. So very funny, you are :) Glad the crayons came out and it's restored to its colorful goodness!

  15. Well, here is my suggestion on the ones that are 'ironed' in. Dawn dishwashing detergent. I washed and DRIED some pants with crayons in the pocket. Smart. Not one item in that load came out unscathed. I put some Dawn on each mark and washed on Hot. Every single mark came out.

  16. I was shocked and dismayed that you did not turn to pinterest.(pinterest holic here)hee hee. Glad it all turned out ok..
    Blessings, Gweny