I am not going to pretend that I am one of those weird people who like to exercise.
Especially those super weird people who like it so much that they will go out and run by themselves with no music.
That isn't me.
Those people are rad.
And sweaty.

I hate, hate, hate, to be sweaty or hot, or exercising while doing those things.  Especially alone.  Hatey hate hate.
That's why I was a swimmer all my life.  It's hard to be sweaty and hot in a cold pool.
But you can't swim with a stroller full of children who can't swim.  

In spite of all of that,  I set a goal of making my feet move 40 miles this month.
I roped in a friend to meet me for our stroller adventures.  Why we finally decided to start now, now when it is hot and sweaty outside, and our big kids are about to get out of school for the summer?  Who knows.  
But we are doing it.  MyFitnessPal is making us.  Because if we don't exercise we are starving.  Starving is right up there with the hating of being hot and being sweaty.

Today she couldn't go.

Did I still want to? 
Remember the whole hating exercise thing?
Exercise alone times fifty more hates.

But stubborn me has a dumb goal.

I sent a quick text to my legit runner friends for music recommendations.
My boyfriend Dave Matthews and his sixteen minute jam sessions is not a good running partner.

Justin, Britney, and Pitbull were involved.
I love seeing other people's playlists.
I spent an iTunes giftcard, happily on teenager music.  No judgement.
Went to sync my phone.
It wouldn't.

Unplugged it.  
Decided Pandora would accompany me instead.
The Justin Bieber station, actually.  
Again, no judgement.

Picked a route that wouldn't let me quit part way and turn around.  A route with a brutal hill at the beginning.  
These British boys started me off.
The hill seemed much worse than I ever remember it.  
But I just looked at the ground and pushed harder.

At the top of the hill I noticed a bad noise.
A oh-no-it-isn't noise.

Flat freaking tire.  Yep.
The tires that just got air put in them this weekend.  

Back down the hill.  
With eleven billion pounds of stroller and carseat and baby and toddler on a flat tire.

Drive home.
Get my wallet.
Drive to the bike shop.
Get a new tube installed in my tire. 

(Side note- I had NO CLUE how expensive bikes could be.  Used car expensive.  So glad that isn't my hobby.  Dang.)
Drive back to where I started 45 minutes ago.
Push up the horrid hill AGAIN, except now it is way later and way hotter and I am way sweatier.

 Like it for a bit.
Hate it for way more than a bit.
Run for a bit.
Die for a bit.
Walk for a lot of bits.
Except now the Justin Bieber station is bugging bad.  Way too much Katy Perry, and Demi Lovato.  Way too much.  Switch to the Pitbull station.  No judgement.
Just when I want to totally quit beyond all quitting, the boots with the furrrrrrr comes on.  
Thank you Pandora.  Thank you.

The not quitting, the being hot, the gross sweatiness, the doing it even when I don't want to... maybe it's worth it.  Maybe.  I still hate it.  I may never like it.  But that isn't going to stop me.

20.9 miles down.
19.1 miles to go.
Like a boss.


  1. Like a boss.. You crack me up!! I am proud of you for even have the initiative to run in the first place! Something I do not have.. You go girl!! :)

  2. Girl! I'm so proud of you! GET IT!!! You know what helps? What helps me at least.... Besides good music, and "fat free friends" is blinging out the swooshies on my nikes. It makes my sweaty hair feel glamorous. Also, I have a BodyBugg, but there's several out there, BodyMedia, FitBitt. Then you know EXACTLY how many calories you're burning. If you need to push harder, or you're done. It's awesome. So I would definitely recommend investing in one of those. It will make working out so much easier.

  3. bwahahahaha, ok I just showed my age. I had to google boots with furrrr. Had no clue what you're talking about. Not even 40 yet and I'm already stinkin' old. I gotta get with it. You're rad Boss.

  4. you are 20.9 miles of awesome.
    also, the more parental advisory music you listen to, the faster, easier, and awesomer the work out.


    wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah.

    1. haha. so true. girltalk = prime example. explicit burn rate fo sho!!

  5. I love your ability to tell a good story, your posts never fail to put a smile on my face.

  6. I listen to bieber without running? Should I be keeping this a secret?

  7. Way. To. Go. You had the best excuse to quit! You've inspired me.

  8. After the flat tire I would have quit. I'm lame like that.
    You however rock.

  9. You Rock!!! Way to go! Keep it up! You're more than half way there and its not even the middle of the month yet! :) great job!

  10. Ha! Not laughing at you, laughing with you. This post is literally MY post two years ago...Bumbleride and all :)
    Yay for not quitting! :)

  11. Good work!! And we have the same stroller, except mine's black. I love it!!

  12. Good work!! And we have the same stroller, except mine's black. I love it!!

  13. awesome post. Running is brutal in the begining (like the first MONTHS) but it does get easier. (especially when you can get a chance to go without kids and a stroller, You'll feel like the fastest girl on the planet!) and now I'm singing ....Apple bottom jeans, boots with tha fur....

  14. Like a boss fo sure! I was cracking up because that music and the hating and all that is totally it! You're rockin it lady! I'll be on the lookout for your motivational running pins!!!

  15. hmmm... apparently i'm old too b/c i had no ideas what boots with tha furrr was.
    oh well.
    keep it up, girl!
    my advice... run without kids... then you'll start to love it.
    seriously... it's like my saving grace when i can run away (hahahahaha) from my kids, even for a couple of miles each day.
    get this... i even wake up early to do it... that's how much i love it now.
    you're doing great man... over half way there!!!

  16. You are a not quitting boss. BOSS.

    And...four words: Pandora Pop Fitness Station.
    With a little extra JT added in.
    Because one cannot have too much JT.

  17. If I lived in Southern Cal I would be your fitness budy. I am in the same boat of being almost 1 year post baby and baby weight to lose. You can do it. Good job of not giving up. I hate to work out too. I am just about the door but not in heat rain. Who likes to walk in the rain? Not me! However, if i don't I will never lose this weight.

  18. Get it Girl!! I've only got in 2.75 miles this month so far... Love your jogger

    U2's Beautiful Day is always a great finisher song

  19. You are my HERO. And I must admit, you are the only other person Ive ever heard say "I hate to sweat." Thats my biggest excuse for not moving my bahookie. If I were back in Cali you and I would be movin together! Keep up the awesome work!

  20. go you! i hate exercising too... not likey the sweat! but being pregnant and out of shape has made me want to work out, but alas i can't (doc restrictions) so i will wait until the fall! hoping to get a double stroller!

  21. I'm with you, Julie. I HATE sweating and I hate exercising. Until it's over. Then I'm always glad I did it, unfortunately. I'm doing the 40 miles challenge too. Great job not quitting! Those teen boys help me up the hills too, but I'm always on the lookout for new tunes. I'll check out Pitbull, since clean Eminem ain't cutting it anymore! :-P

  22. Even after a flat you kept going- Dude! Impressive! You may have even inspired me to get after it today:)

  23. awesomesauce, girl!
    i am one of those weirdos who runs with no music. :/
    not really by choice, but i have no idea how to work an IPOD or any other musical device, so it's just me and the sound of the pavement...oh! and the billions of manure trucks that drive really close to me and stink up my trail.

  24. ugggg i hate to sweat, too! My husband constantly accuses me of hating the outdoors - i DON'T hate the outdoors: we live in ARIZONA AND I HATE TO SWEAT! :)

  25. You go girl! Count me in as another one who hates to be hot and sweaty. Ugh. Do you know I have lived here for years and never done that hill? Hmm, maybe I should add it to the summer bucket list . . . or not. :)

  26. You're obviously going to blow right by 40 miles. I listen to the Today's Hits station usually. I like it because I never listen to that music, so it is new to me and the silliness makes me laugh.

  27. running is evil. although i do secretly wish to be one of those skinny hot chicks that looks awesome running. for sure the music needs to be naughty for me to be motivated at all to keep going and not just lay down and die.

  28. You are a rock star! I am one of those who really thinks that running is evil as well. Unless someone or something is chasing me, I don't see it happening. But amazing-doing all that with little ones in tow-rock star.

  29. I am the same way about anything hot or sweaty...I don't like to be uncomfortable like that!!

    but you are awesome for getting back out there after the tire catastrophe.

    and you are awesome for telling a great story!

  30. You totally inspired me to ride my bike to church for my Women's Bible Study...nailed it like a boss! Though I am pretty sure it was uphill both ways and I probably could have walked faster than I was pedaling BUT I kept going! Thanks!!

  31. "baby,you light up my life like no body else..."
    and for that, I may load up the wagon and ride dirty through the neighborhood

  32. Atta girl!
    I like to listen to Phil Wickham when I run. And sermons? Is that weird? No it's not. Cuz then you are concentrating on the sermon and not the running.

  33. Also, I think you should do a post called "On not Quilting." Or maybe I will.

  34. Oh my goodness, you're awesome. This totally cracked me up. Absolutely NO judgement coming at you...I have a "Beyonce" Pandora station. Sometimes you just must.