I spent most of my childhood and teen years in the pool.  My parents even chose the house we moved into so I could walk to practice.  I suppose they were sick and tired of waking up at 4:30 every morning to drive me.  I recently came across this picture from my freshman year of high school.  At this time in my life I 100% believed that I would be swimming in the 1996 Olympics.  My dreams changed (reality set in) and although I never made it to Atlanta, swimming did pay for college.  Watching my boyfriend Michael Phelps (what my husband has begun to refer to him as) swim each night is bringing back some really fun memories.  The best part is I actually know more about a sport than my husband and he is asking me questions instead of the other way around.


  1. How can Michael Phelps be your boyfriend....he is mine.

    That two-timing no good.....

  2. I never knew you were such a good swimmer! I LOVE learning random bits about my blogging friends!

    And just so ya know...I could not swim to save my life. (literally)

  3. how fun that would be to know more about a sport than my husband!
    would cheerleading count? :)
    that would be like him knowing more about some type of craft product than me.

    i was on our town's swim team and i got 3rd or 4th place every time every year. i was there to have fun and hated the races. but the coaches said it was good for team points??

  4. You seem pretty qualified to have Phelps as your boy! I am so intrigued that you are so talented...now I can swimmer to your accolades! Any new craft ideas for me??