A bit of this and that... words, links, things to watch, random pictures, drama.  That's me today.

{What?  You don't wash your hair a dozen times a day with dishsoap?}
Sooooo, my hair is still not okay.  NO, the lovely people at Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy are not helping make it right.  A vlog chronicling the saga is in the works.  Yep.

School gets out next week and I AM SO READY.
Just took my Lucy shopping for a kindergarten graduation dress.  What in the world???
I am so dang emo about it.  How is she graduating????

Thinking of what to put on our summer bucket list.
Pretty much have a huge crush on this printable from Funky Polka Dot Giraffe.  She sweetly made a blank version so you can personalize your own.  Boom.

I want to run away to Destin, Florida.  Thanks Beth for torturing us with your beach vacay instagrams.

I saw the Avengers.  Loved it.  Cannot wait for Spiderman or Batman.
Fangirl much?

Nor can I wait for these two movies.
Seriously.  Chills and tears when I watch the previews.

Have you read both of the books?

You need to.  NEED TO.  
I'm sure everyone read Gatsby in high school.  Read it again as a grown up.  You will see it differently.  
Don't be scared off by Les Mis.  I've read both the full and abridged editions, and the abridged one is just as emotionally beautiful.  Oh, the tears I shed turning those pages....
Those are books that I can invest my time in.
NOT the other crazy popular series.  (I love this post my dear friend Leslie wrote on why she isn't reading Fifty Shades.)

{Currently obsessed.  If you don't live by a Trader Joe's perhaps its time to move.}
I revised the Awesomesauce recipe.  Mainly because I realized that my level of comfort with spicy foods puts me in the mutant category.  Please don't sue me if you made it the original way.  Just chill out on the Chipotle peppers.  Please and thank you.

{Summer means this.  All day.  Less laundry and homework.  More bathing suits and laziness.  Bring it.}
Did I mention that I WANT SCHOOL TO BE DONE WITH yet?

Have you fetched yourself the free download of Phil Wickham's Singalong 2?
Because you really, really, really should.  It's awesome.  It's free (until June 15th.)

{She's not on board with my no sugar plan.  Rude.}
I'm off sugar again.  I suppose that I never really explained why I keep quitting it.
Well, it happens to be my most favorite food group.  My body however hates it's guts.  So when I am in one of my sugar festivals, my joints swell and I feel like I am 156 years old.
Barely moving my fingers is way less fun than attacking a batch of toffee crack.
So every few months or so, I do a little detox.  I feel better in less than a week.  I wish I could ditch it forever, but honestly, I don't.  It's soooo delicious, and baking is my favorite form of therapy.  That and Homegoods, of course.

Somehow I decided to commit to 40 miles in June with Haus of girls.  It's pretty rad to have a goal and work towards it.  It's not rad how much I hate being hot and exercising.  Nor is it rad that MyFitnessPal does not have a cardio choice for pushing an eleventy billion pound double stroller up a one mile hill from Hades.  Because it should.

{You have no idea the troubles he's seen.}
I feel like this today.
Being a girl is so awesome.
Dumb tears and emotions.  If only it was acceptable to have a meltdown on a blanket in the backyard.

Destin, Florida.  I need you.

That is all.


  1. I want school to end, too. PTA anything and everything is on my bucket list. *sigh* I love everything about this post. I'd explain in detail, but I think you already know that I enjoy being emo. Ha! Happy Thursday to you, pretty girl.

  2. I don't know you (obviously) but feel so terrible about your hair! I can't imagine! I did a google search (as I'm sure you already have) but on the off chance I find something you haven't thought I would share a link.

    I also read that this might help.

    You are officially a cautionary tale to stay away from all drug store hair care products!!

  3. Oh we love Phil Wickham over here and LOVE his Singalong CDs!!!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Les Mis (favorite novel of all time--read 3 times, seen the musical 4 times) but I am SCARED to DEATH of this movie. Did you see the movie with Liam Niesan (sp?) about 10 years back? TRASH! They completely left out Eponine and changed the ending. I am so afraid this new one will also disappoint...but I know I'll see it. I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic, but I think I'll break out in a cold sweat anyhow.

  5. Hm, I live a few hours from Destin. How's about I come to Cali and swim in that awesome pirate pool you guys were at the other day, and you can come to FL. :) Actually I should just move to California since we don't have a TJ's where I live....

  6. LOVED the Avengers!! So good! I can't wait for Iron Man 3 & Avengers 2. :D

    & oh my word, I read Gatsby years ago, and then I read it again last year with a class at the homeschool co-op I taught at...I liked it the first time, and then I totally fell in love with it. SO GOOD. I think I need to read it again before the movie comes out.

    I bought Les Mis in like November, but it's just sat on my shelf...it's pretty intimidating. But, I AM going to read it someday soon. ;)

    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend, friend!

  7. i'm hugging you, and telling you that you are beautiful and amazing regardless of stupid hair product. you are.

    i should read and watch him-flix.

  8. Thanks for the shout out :) Woohoo for both of those movies and for the challenge to read them again! I totally agree with your sweet friend and her write up on the other crazy series. And I believe in having meltdowns on the blanket in the backyard at least one a week. Except it's awkward for my neighbors since I don't have a backyard . . . ;)

  9. you should know that i was highly confused over you being "emo" over a bright graduation dress. i was like, "but emo is dark and black??!" all that to say, i'm totes happy that you keep me up to date on what's what in the lingo of life. emotional. got it.

  10. Oh girl I'm soooooo excited for Les Mis!!! I read the unabridged version in high school and loved it! And have I mentioned that Hugh is number 1 on my list...yep the hubby knows too ;)
    oh and Hooray for summer laziness!!

  11. Dawn?!? It can clean little oil-covered baby ducks, but not crazy Clear???? What is that stuff made of?!? Love Gatsby. Love love love!

  12. I know I'm totally obsessed with your hair and want to drop kick anyone messin with it! Please post pics . . . I know I'm sort of weird that way! Love you!

  13. I am an advocate for crying it out on the lawn and do not think it to be inappropriate at all. It's a crime about Clear, i'll never use it, that's for sure. If it gives you any sense of justice at all, I am spreading the word!

  14. Everyone needs a little Destin Florida in their life...I love that place (gonna post pics from our recent trip tonight actually). I'm so sorry you're still battling your hair and that the company is no help...sigh. I want to see the Avengers...maybe I'll take my hubby for our anniversary. Ooh, The Great Gatsby...a must see!!! Hope your mood is better soon and you enjoy your weekend :)

  15. So I shared your story with my daughter and this is what she recommended she a hair product geek and and hbc aisle expert lol Hope it helps.
    Herbal Essences Drama Clean Degunkify Tingling deep Cleaning Shampoo - 10.17 Oz

  16. That flower/watercolor dress is sooo cute! I want it for myself. Sorry your hair is still a mess. Go ahead and cry and have your tantrum. It will help you feel better.

  17. I'm so pumped for Les Mis, but I know I'm gonna LOSE IT! I've seen it in LA a few times with my family and the end always kills me and I try really hard not to go into the ugly cry, but it never works. I'm sure the movie will do the same thing, but I'll probably still see it :)

    Did I miss the saga on what's up with your hair?? I feel so left out! I hope it's not purple or anything... cause let me tell you, it takes a while to get out (Ohhhh the youth group days)!

    Love you much Julie. Say hello to Jason and the kids!

    Nook & Sea

  18. I am so sorry about your hair. Have you tried a vinegar rinse? Vinegar is amaZing at getting waxy build up out of hair. It might smell horrible, but if it works (cheaply) then it's worth a shot.

  19. Thank you so so much for the links to your friends' blogs about that stupid stupid book series. I have been so disturbed to see Christian friends talking about it on Facebook and then recommending it to others. Yikes! I already shared your link and hope it can point some women to seek the heart of Jesus instead of temptations and trashiness.
    AND thank you sooo much for the Phil Wickham link! I loved the first singalong album and I know my heart will be blessed by this one as well.

  20. I CANNOT believe the hair catastrophe. Wrong.
    I'm doing #40milesinJune too :)
    Happy weekend!

  21. Les Mis is in my top two books ever read. I finished it, sobbing, then immediately re-read the last thirty pages or so bc it was just. That. Good. Can't wait for the movie!!

  22. Quite possibly my favorite post ever.

  23. ooo, one problem with that bucket list: no trip to the bay area.

    also, SO excited to see those movies! leo for life.

  24. I just started reading your blog today. You are hilarious! But the hair thing is not. funny. at. all.
    One thing you might try using some mineral oil or olive oil in your hair and let it sit for a while maybe in a baggie while you are in a bath. My sister is a cosmetologist and says that can it work similarly to sliding gum out of your hair with something oily - not sticky. Then you take something like Pantene clarifying shampoo or whatever you like and add a little baking soda and lemon or lime to really clean everything all out. It may take a few tries to really get it clean, but you should only have to clarify with the baking soda and lemon once. ...maybe twice. Remember to use it along WITH the shampoo. Good luck. I feel ya, I have very curly hair and have had nightmare "miracle" products turn on me. Sad times. : / hang in there! Your doing great!

  25. LOVE Gatsby & Les Mis! I just finished re-reading Jane Eyre for the umpteenth time. Classics are the best. Not this Fifty Shades [of Sin] garbage! I'm with you not reading.

  26. Saw this on their facebook page Clear Ultra Shea Our CLEAR Ultra Shea was developed to address the specific hair needs of African-American women. Guess it should have said this on the package?