Monday, June 4, 2012


I hosted a Pioneer Woman potluck and my friend Amanda brought the most beautiful Chipotle Steak Salad.  It really made me wish that I didn't have steak issues.  (It's the recovering vegetarian in me.) But I knew that the dressing was SPICY and I love me some spice.  Thing it, I also have mayo issues.  Good thing she didn't tell me it was mayo until I tried it and FELL IN LOVE.  Love.  Mayo and all.

The thing is, it is so dang good that I want to eat an entire jar of it.  
I want to put it on everything.  EVERYTHING!!!
My Fitness Pal does not want me to put it on everything.  
Something needed to be done.

Amy makes her version using half mayo/ half sour cream, with the addition of limes.  It was getting even better.  My only sour cream issue is how much I love it.  Costco size love.  Again with the rude My Fitness Pal not giving love to the sour cream.

Then I remembered how Leslie uses Greek yogurt in place of mayo.  We share the same mayo/ ketchup/ banana/ hatred.
Greek yogurt is not my jam by itself, but as a nonfat/ high protein substitute?  Yes please.

(I found them in the ethnic section of my normal grocery store.  Each can was 7oz.)

A new healthy dressing/ sauce/ dip/ guilt-free indulgence was born.

It came into the world via a Ninja.
Have I told you lately how much I love my Ninja???
Because I am still investigating the legality of me marrying it.
It's so rad.  Part of me wants an immersion blender, or a food processor, but the Ninja pretty much can do everything that they can.  Plus make killer smoothies.  Boom.

I have never made an easier dip/ dressing/ sauce.  I don't know what to call it, since it is pretty much all of those things.  It is so flavorful, you don't even miss the fat.  I promise.

I put it on tacos, burgers, chicken, salads. Dip veggies, my favorite being the cute little sweet peppers, in it, contemplate drinking it from a straw.  SO DANG GOOD.

(You can thin it with milk if you want it to be a pourable salad dressing.)

However, be warned.  IT IS SPICYYYYYYYYY.  Like whoa.  I'm the girl who likes to hurt when she eats.  The girl who gets Buffalo wings and the waitress double checks to make sure I know how hot they are going to be.  BRING IT ON LADY.  This white girl likes IT HOTTTTTT.

If you are a little on the wimpy side, perhaps use less peppers.  Maybe start with half of a can.  Then add in the other half if you need to.  I won't judge.  But just know in your heart that mine will taste way, way, way better than yours.  Yep.  Be jealous.
(For the record, I use two cans, but I am part mutant, and two cans might even be borderline too spicy for crazy me.)

If you are into this sort of thing:

The entire batch contains:
340 calories
7 grams fat
37 grams carbohydrates
23 grams protein

*****7 calories a tablespoon (Even less if you use just one can.)

Want to FREAK OUT?

This is what the same dressing made with MAYO contains:
4,980 calories
537 grams fat
28 grams carbohydrates
0 grams protein

*****95 calories a tablespoon

I'm so glad I have mayo issues!


  1. Okay, so that sauce does look pretty awesome, but I think I'll speak for us all and say that what we REALLY want to know today is: HOW IS YOUR HAIR??! :)
    Happy Monday!

    1. Yep. The sauce looks delicious - and healthy - but I want to know if you're bald or not. With your pretty face, a trendy crew cut for summer might work.

  2. Amazing calorie difference. I think I'll try your version.

    And, yes, is your hair all better now??? We're all pulling for a positive answer.

  3. Going to try this...And I'm on My Fitness Pall too! And I hate it when he tells me that has too many calories BOO!

  4. I have a legit mayo and ketchup fear. I tell people not to tell me what's in things. My hubs makes a sauce just like this (but uses mayo) and we use it as an artichoke dip. So flipping good. It's also amazing on fish tacos!

    I think we need to try the greek yogurt version.

  5. wow I have to try this! THANK you for possibly changing my life! :)

  6. This sauce rocks! I use it on grilled chicken tacos with a sprinkling of pepperjack cheese, a shred or so of lettuce and french's fried onion strips all on flour tortillas only. YUmmmmm.

  7. This looks/sounds/is amazing!! I love HOTT & SPICY too! Plus, making it healthier! yeah buddy! You rock Julie! MMMM I will have to go out & buy this to make it! Plus, my dear husband loves HOTT & SPICY too~can't wait for him to try it as well! YAYAYA! I hope your hair is better! You deff need to get your money back & then some! Have an awesome day! :)

    1. Oh I have my fitness pal too~how do you calculate it for breastfeeding & trying to lose weight?

  8. I too hate mayo... it's not good for you anyway! I did a ranch with greek yogurt too and it was low fat, low cal, way tasty! I'll def. be trying this!

  9. Oh Dear, you CANNOT just leaving us all hanging lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is up with your hair? Unless this sauce stripped your hair of it's waxy seal... Please update us!!!!

  10. Okay. This looked awesome and I was headed to the grocery store anyway today. I just made it and only used one can of peppers. Now, I like things spicy but you are a crackhead! I need more yogurt or something to cut the spiciness! But it is delicious and I love the yogurt idea :)

  11. I tried it and loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Holy Moses! I used 1 can of 6 ounce adobo and 24 ounces of greek yogurt and it is still HOT! I like hot things too. I can't even imagine with two cans and less yogurt. I am on a pretty hardcore diet and I do miss condiments so much. This is an awesome alternative. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oops, that was 1 can of 7 ounce adobo. The same brand you got.

  13. WHAT!?!?! i love you even more now!
    and awesomesauce...hahaha!
    my daughter says that all the time! :)
    this is gonna be so so so good...BRILLIANT i say!

  14. Looks amazing, but do you poor it over chicken or over salad?

  15. You had me at "Pioneer Woman Potluck Party"!!!!!

  16. A calorie shaving genius you are! And you're so right...the heat and flavor in this will totally make up for the absence of fat and that is ALWAYS a good thing! Adding Greek yogurt to the grocery list and will be drizzling this on even more things now! Thanks for coming up with a skinny version! XO

  17. Oh, someone else that understands mayo & ketchup issues!! Thanks for the mayo-swap... Looking forward to trying it out.

  18. my mayo issues go back to a fourth grade field trip and a tuna sandwich on a warm school bus. (i am 44 now so it was and still is traumatic). i substitute greek yogurt in everything calling for mayo. my hubby does not even realize! this looks yummy and with it's kick i would have it all to myself.

  19. i'm on the wimpy side. and i like mayo. will you still be my friend?

  20. I call mayo "wet dirt.". Ew.

  21. I have used those chipotle chili's before and they are "hot-chi-mama!" Sometimes I use part of the can and freeze the rest of the chili's sauce and all in a baggie for future use. I love the idea of using the yogurt...I will have to try it!! Thanks for the recipe.

  22. Hey Julie! Any tips on a Pioneer Woman potluck? That's on my to-do list for the summer and you have such a great touch when it comes to entertaining. Totally going to make this salad - thanks! :)

  23. A PW potluck!?!?! My girlfriends and I have been talking about doing that for over a year (especially after we met her at a book signing)! Sheesh. Now I REALLY want to have one. Can't wait to try the Awesomesauce!

  24. I have major mayo and ketchup issues also. *shudder* But bananas? LOVE them!
    I must try this Awesomesauce. I LOVE spicy!! Bring it on. And a PW potluck is genius, might have to do that with the Nor Cal girls this summer!

  25. Dave is getting a Ninja and Awesomesauce for Father's Day. And that is all. Goodbye.

  26. Praise Jesus for your mayo issues because that's a huge difference!!! I love sour cream too...and now might just have to head to Costco. Thanks for that.

  27. Just made your original recipe- no amendment needed. My husband loves it!!


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