Last Mother's day I only knew pink.
Last Mother's day the thought of a baby boy was scary.
Last Mother's day our son was a mystery.

After my hardest pregnancy,
my hardest delivery,
my hardest recovery,
the hardest adjustment,

I am so very thankful for the blue that has entered our lives.

Baby boys are still a little bit scary, but they are pretty awesome.

It is so crazy to think that this time last year we were still a few months away from meeting him.  Now it is like he has always been a part of this sweet little family.

I like this Mother's day.

It's been a super crazy year.
I am so so so so tired.
I so do not have this four kids thing figured out.

We will figure it out. Somehow.
I will sleep.  Someday.

I love our little boy.
I am so glad that he is here.


  1. What a sweet picture of you and your little man! I am glad you had a blessed day. Four is fun....I used to tell my husband four is HARD and he said change your perspective say four is FUN! I did and just the words helped. Then I said Five is fantastic! LoL, I was so scared to have a teenage boy and now that I am there (he ism 14) it is really not so bad, even fun :) I would love if you Joined the bereaved mommies link-up at my blog on Tuesday. I love that background, What is it? It looks so interesting.

  2. I'm a mommy to pink. And I love the pink:) Currently, I'm a mommy to two little pinks. I always thought I wanted four, but for reals, I don't even have this mommy of two thing figured out. The pic of you and your son is fab. So so fab. And for a mommy with no sleep, you look amazing!!

    Here's to the future and the blessings in it:)

  3. What a cute little boy!!Your boy is so very cute ...

  4. I sooo know the feeling. I realized that this was my first mothers day with a SON! And it was awesome. And the four kid thing.... ugh. Its so hard. ANd sleep what is that!?

  5. As a mother of four who are now 10, 8, 6 and 5 yrs old, I know how hard the early years are. I too thought I'd never sleep (or ever leave the house). But now I've more than made up my sleep. I decided that grade school years are the 'honeymoon' of raising kids. Mine at this time are pretty awesome. They are big enough to take care of most of their needs (I even have them making their own lunches and breakfast) and to be helpful, but before all the hormonal attitude. And there is never lack of a playmate. I am beyond blessed with my 4. :) Hang in there...the tough years will soon fade away.

  6. shane is getting big!

    i love how you delight in your children, while being authentic about the journey.

    my first mother's day was a week after noah was born. i recall walking into church proudly holding "blue." i recall my face hurt from smiling that day.
    14 mother's days later and i still feel the same. so proud to hold my children, sore jaw from the smiling.

  7. Hey Julie! I just want you to know that you are a total inspiration to ME. Such a woman after God's own heart, your parenting is amazing and the good you do through your words. Thanks for sharing your life with us through Joy's Hope. Lots of hugs. Dayna

  8. Happy Mommy's Day Julie :) You are such an amazing women and friend. God has richly blessed you all! Love you much!


  9. Boys are so very different to raise than girls. Both are a blessing, however, after 3 girls you will uncover newfound joys while raising your son. So very different. Both differents are so very special.

  10. He is so sweet! And those eyes...are to die for.

  11. boys are pretty rad... you are making me nervous for number 4!

  12. You may be super crazy. But you are still super cute! :)

  13. what a sweetheart! boys are pretty awesome - and not to forget my girl in the middle :)

  14. You are so beautiful! I don't know you personally but I seriously am inspired to be a better mom, friend and wife because of you :) love your blog, it is really my favorite!

  15. At the age of 40 I had a pink after..3 blues. I told God it wasn't funny making me preggers at 39 and it better be a girl lol.. Of course he already knew it was but let me think for a minute that I had some control in it.. (silly me). Oh ya and there is 16 yrs between my last blue and my pink who is now 18 and going to graduate next week.. Can't wait or believe it. I loved buying pink after so many years of trucks, dirt, worms, etc.. ha ha don't get me wrong I was a tomboy and my boys and I are very close. Your thinking.. is she spoiled..? TO THE MAX lol ..
    Blessings, Gweny

  16. Would you mind if I could just take a lil nibble of that face? so cute!!!! I am about to deliver our 4th and I ask myself everyday how in the world I am going to pull it off...but I'm sure we will figure it out! :)

  17. I'm kinda fond of blue myself! I don't have pink to compare it to, but there is just something so special about a son and his mama. Melt my heart. So happy for your newest blessing. XOXO

  18. I'm fond of blue as well! All 3 of them! I wouldn't know what to do with pink!!

  19. Aww! Thanks for the sweet & honest post :). Im in the first tri with #3 & already a little like: can i reaaallllly do this 3 kid thing??! Just makes me feel better to read your words :)

  20. o my gosh his face!!!
    he is such a drama boy!
    i just love you both!

  21. Such a beautiful picture of you 2!
    You are always so honest. I love that about you.
    Last mother's day I didn't know whether I would be doing more pink or not either.
    And boys were also scary to me. And now I feel the same way... not as scary anymore.

    Happy Mother's Day (a little late.)

  22. Happy belated Mother's Day!!!
    This is an adorable picture!

  23. You have such a way with words. I love the way you write.
    This of course is beautiful.

  24. Happy Mommy's Day a little late. He is a beautiful, healthy boy, so happy for you guys! :)